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We have been dedicated to the world of advertising textiles since 1996. We have our own stock in our 4000m2 warehouse, ready to serve in 24 / 48h composed of more than 300 different products including t-shirts, sweatshirts, polo shirts, parkas, caps, workwear, sportswear , school clothes, etc. that add up to a total of more than 9000 references.

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We are specialized in customizing Clothing and Merchandising for your company, event, sports team, local parties, birthdays, bachelor parties, etc.

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The opinion of our clients

EXCELLENT service. There was a problem with my order and it was solved very quickly and at no extra cost. I recommend it to everyone.

Julian Abad Ezquerro

Unbeatable service… in less than 24 hours I already had what I requested. Quality / price ratio… luxury !!
Thank you.

Maria Isabel Diaz-Rullo


We have more than 11.000 references in stock of cheap t-shirts, cheap polo shirts, shirts, vests, parkas, sweatshirts, sportswear, work clothes, school clothes, caps, etc. Special prices with quantity discounts.

We also do customization of t-shirts and all kinds of clothes with the best techniques screen printing, direct printing, silicone transfer, sublimation and even embroidery, all perfect for companies, schools, events, clubs, etc., imagine your company logo on a quality polo shirt or your friend's face printed in dozens of t-shirts for your bachelor party.

This brand of t-shirts is aimed at the world of promotional, advertising and sports shops par excellence. Over time it has been consolidated in the sector and a good example of this is shown by its growing expansion.

Its quality and wide range of products make the Roly house a versatile industry that adapts to every moment and to the needs of many groups, be they work, sports or leisure.

The brand has a great commitment to ecology, and already having the Oeko-Tex 100 certificate, it is adapting to obtain the Oeko-Tex 1000, anticipating the requirements of the European Union.

At Rafasshop, we are continually updating ourselves, since every year, a catalog full of a wide variety of products is renewed, all of them available in our stores, such as t-shirts of all kinds, polo shirts, sweatshirts, polar fleeces, pants, shirts, vests, shorts , work clothes and a good selection of clothes for sports, such as technical and thermal shirts, tracksuits, sports outfits, etc.

In addition, many of the models offer multiple possibilities, since you can find garments for them as well as for them, in different sizes from the large ones to the smallest of children. Also, we find a lot of diversity of colors, finishes and versions of short sleeves, long sleeves, sleeveless, with hood, etc. In short, a great wide range of products that only a great brand offers you, to adjust to the needs of all its customers.

All this at the best price that we always offer you here at Rafasshop. And if you register on our website as a wholesaler you will get many discounts with special rates. So that you can enjoy the best textile material easily and very economically.

The t-shirts, along with the rest of the articles, are comfortable, light, versatile and affordable garments. All of them made with top quality materials, to make it difficult to deteriorate, guaranteeing the durability and resistance of the product.

It is a specialist in the manufacture of products for promotion and advertising, which is why they are garments ready and prepared to undergo without problems the specific customization techniques for each type of product.