Roly Zazen 0370 Unisex Sock


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  • Composition: 75% cotton / 20% polyester / 5% elastane.
  • Weight:
  • Units Pack = 1 | Box Units = 50
  • Only sale in pack and box
  • Each pack includes 5 pairs
  • Pack by color

* The above measurements may have a tolerance of ± 2cm

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Smooth, breathable and comfortable sock. Perfect for uniformity and casual. Elegantly fit your feet with the ZAZEN socks from Roly; perfect for day to day. Smooth, breathable and comfortable. Ideal for you to get the most out of them every day.

Our opinion

Roly Zazen sock


Looking for ways to increase the productivity of your employees?


At Rafasshop we suggest you take a measure that you probably hadn't taken into account: buy them comfortable socks that make their work easier.


No, at the moment we do not have studies that demonstrate a direct correlation between wearing a quality sock (such as the Zazen unisex sports sock you see on this page) and increased

productivity of a worker, but it has been confirmed that working comfortably increases productivity by up to 25%.


At the end of the day, considering that we spend about 2.000 hours each year working, it makes sense that the more comfortable we feel each of those hours, the more productive we will end up being.


So, if you want your employees to feel comfortable, and to be more productive, offer them breathable, comfortable and soft-touch sports socks, like the Zazen.


Made of 75% cotton, 20% polyester and 5% elastane, the Zazen unisex sports sock it is breathable, lightweight, easy to wash and dry, and super comfortable, ideal for those who have to spend a lot of

hours standing or in continuous movement.


And know that, if you buy 50 or more, you receive a 3% discount.


Do not you think it anymore.


A comfortable worker is a happy and productive worker.


And if you want to stamp your company logo, you just have to ask us budget for the printing of your unisex Zazen sports socks, and decide the printing technique that best suits your



Get in touch now or add the Zazen unisex sports socks to your shopping cart today.

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