You are in the right place! Here you can customize t-shirts, custom cheap sweatshirts, custom jackets, polo shirts, etc. and choose which technique to use: Screen Printing for T-shirts, Direct Printing, Vinyl, Hotprint, Sublimation or Embroidery.

Boy Customizing His Shirt

Design your t-shirt. Custom t-shirts online

With the online t-shirt designer you have it very easy. It is a simple platform on which you can compose your personalized design, image, text or everything combined from the same space. You can design custom jerseys with photos for a wedding, birthday or custom soccer jerseys.

Have you never wanted to have some geek t-shirts, personalized with prints from your favorite anime series?

You can see how your design will look on custom t-shirts in seconds, and that way you can choose the color of shirts that best suits your design. It's that easy, you design and we print custom t-shirts. Designing clothes has never been easier. Now you can have your own custom clothing brand. Isn't it cool? Custom sweatshirts, custom shirts, or even custom neck warmers. Any custom clothing item you can imagine!

How to design a custom t-shirt step by step

Customize your t-shirts with your own designs from the same place, you have it within the reach of a click. Enter to let your imagination fly and to begin to familiarize yourself with all the functions of this platform. If you prefer, then we show you the steps to follow, as a guide.

Professional designer

Rafasshop Designer Tutorial 1
  • First, locate the garment you want to customize and press the "Design" button.
  • Next, you can customize your shirt by uploading an image or text or you can go to the advanced editor where you have more editing options, for this you will have to press the "Advanced editor" button.
  • Once you have clicked on this button, the garment you want to customize will be displayed in the designer and on the right side of the screen you can choose the color and size.
  • In the center of each shirt, there is a box corresponding to the printing area. So we can only work within these limits. If you want to cover more printing area for your t-shirts than the area that is already framed, you can request it via email.
  • Also, under the garment you can choose to work on the front or the back of the product.
  • On the left side are all the options to personalize your shirt.

Upload your images

Rafasshop Designer Tutorial 2
  • Press the button "Upload images"
  • Here you can upload your images.
  • Accept the disclaimer of the images and upload your design.
  • Once uploaded, in the boxes that appear under the shirt, you can edit the size, align it, add effects or delete it.
  • In the button "Backgrounds" there are several ways for you to put the background that you like the most to your design.

Write a text

Rafasshop Designer Tutorial 3
  • In this step you can insert texts on your shirt.
  • To insert writing, press the "Texts" button
  • Once inside, you can choose the size and what type of font you want, then you can write in the box "Enter text here" and it will appear on the personalized product.
  • In the boxes that appear under the shirt you can modify the color, rotate the text, align it or erase it.

Discover t-shirt printing. All designs at your fingertips.

Customizing jerseys is a great opportunity for many situations. Whether you are a company that wants to make uniforms with its logo, or a person looking for a gift, with T-shirt printing you can capture those details to your liking. And best of all, with our online t-shirt designer you can see how your designs look on custom t-shirts before ordering them.

Custom t-shirts for all kinds of situations and activities

Personalized gift t-shirts

Your clothes with your prints, unique gifts or merchandising with your personalized creations.

T-shirts for parties and events

Identify your group of friends from a distance to stand out all together and have a great time.

T-shirts for sports teams

Custom sportswear outfits and uniforms with your custom colors and badges to win.

Custom garments for anything else

Bring out your creative side with our exclusive products, every excuse is good.

We not only have t-shirts, you can also buy cheap custom sweatshirts, stylish polo shirts or custom caps in our store.
With Rafasshop, getting the custom clothing you are looking for is very easy.

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