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Technical t-shirts for the world of sports

Practice your favorite sport and let us equip yourself with the best Roly technical shirts, 100% customizable and at the best prices.

If you want to dress with the colors that represent the spirit of your team and your effort when doing sports, you are in the right place, because in Rafashop, official distributors Roly, the quintessential brand of garments for personalization, we offer you a wide range of products with a great diversity of sizes and colors for each garment model.

You can differentiate yourself from the rest not only by the colors of the technical t-shirts, but for the designs that you print on them, since we also offer the possibility of customizing all the garments to your liking.

Why in sports do we talk about technical shirts and leave out the cotton ones?

Cotton t-shirts are a natural product and allow the body to perspire, although its properties make it an inconvenience for sports because moisture soaks the fabric, weighs more and sticks to the body, it takes time to dry and risks friction is accentuated.

With technical shirts this does not happen, because they are made with a special thinner, lighter and more breathable fabric in order to achieve faster drying, providing more comfort to the athlete.

In addition, the seams in these garments are finer than those of cotton, so that the joints and annoying marks of the t-shirts in the case of the techniques are almost imperceptible.

With so many advantages of technical shirts, one might think that they come from the hand of a high cost, but no, at least not in our case. In Rafasshop you have all the products to make sport you need, with the patterns you want and all at very low prices.

Check it out and place your order, as the team of Salem, with short sleeve t-shirts Indianapolis 6650 Roly made of breathable 100% polyester technical fabric.indianapolis t-shirt

From Selima they told us that they were looking for something different for their paddle tennis group and with us they got it. A fantastic breathable sportswear garment with a raglan style in contrasting colors on the sleeves and on the neck. Being 100% customizable, they did not miss the opportunity to print, with the special sublimation technique for technical fabrics, their designs, their brand and the paddle tennis center, to make this garment a unique piece.

Thank you for sharing your experience with us!

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