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Techniques to personalize t-shirts safely

All garments in general, depending on their composition, some printing methods or others do better. To personalize t-shirts, what printing technique works best for each type of fabric?

Distinguishing the fabrics of each garment is necessary to know which printing methods to apply in some cases or in others when customizing t-shirts.

The t-shirts can be found, mainly, in two types of different composition. On the one hand, we have the 100% cotton t-shirts. On the other hand, those made with pure synthetic materials or partially mixed with cotton.

La serigraphy It goes to everything, with which we can perform this printing technique on all types of garments. The problem comes when working with other types of printing techniques as they require more attention.

What type of fabric works best for which printing method?

Cotton T-shirts can be customized seamlessly with the techniques of screen printing, direct printing, 1 color vinyl, hot print, rhinestones and embroidery.

In the case of polyester t-shirts, or with some proportion of this material or another synthetic in its composition, it can also be personalized with these same printing techniques, except with the direct printing. Due to the properties of these products, it is incompatible with this technique.

Instead, with the technique of sublimation the opposite happens. T-shirts of this type, such as those made of technical fabrics or sports outfits, are the only garments that support this printing process. A very special way of leaving designs on fabric, transferring from paper to fabric through the process that bears the same name: sublimation. Inks go from solid to gaseous state without going through the liquid state. A process that makes the images adhere perfectly, without relief and with the same touch as when touching the part of the design as on the fabric. That is, since the inks of the printing are mixed with the fabric, the color of the product to be personalized as a base can only be white or a very light color, so that it respects the colors of the design and does not mix with those of garment.

The aim of the embroideryIf the fabric is very fine, during the process of working with this technique, it may cause a breakage of the product. Therefore, with this method it is important to pay special attention to weight. The finish that is achieved with this form of customize It is very prominent because the design is as in relief. Something similar, without being made of cloth, happens with the techniques of 1 color vinyl y hot print. Because you can see a difference in relief in the part that is stamped from the one that is not. Remaining with a different touch to that of the fabric. Same with the rhinestones, the design stands out due to the relief of the shiny points and crystals that are superimposed on the surface of the garment.

Therefore, with t-shirts and garments in general, special care must be taken when it comes to customize them, since, depending on whether they are made of one material or another, they have treatments and techniques different stamping.

To work safely, take note of the indications that we have tried to point out here above. But anyway, you can always pull your hand at any contact channel that you will find in rafasshop.es to put you in the hands of a more direct advice on customizing garments, without obligation, with the help of our sales team.

Personalized black t-shirt with pink letters with silkscreen technique
Brenda 6535 Roly Women's T-shirt with black suspenders, personalized with fluorescent pink screen printing.
Rosette shirt personalized with white screen printing.
Guadalupe 6647 Roly rosette T-shirt, customized with white screen printing.
Embroidery printing technique on black apron
Benoit 9125 Roly unisex apron black, customized in white and yellow embroidery.
Black t-shirt screen printed in bright colors
Jamaica 6627 Roly black T-shirt, personalized with silkscreen printing in gray and purple inks.
Fluorescent yellow vest customized with black ink
Sirio 5063 Roly unisex safety vest in fluorescent yellow, customized with the silk-screen technique.
White t-shirt with gray and yellow print by sublimation technique
Montecarlo 0425 Roly white technical T-shirt, personalized with sublimation printed design.
Custom technical sports shirt
Sepang 0416 Roly royal technical T-shirt, with 1 color vinyl customization.
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