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We are official distributors of Roly in Spain, selling wholesale clothing since 1996 from one unit and offering all kinds of textile printing services such as Screen Printing, Direct Printing, Vinyl, Sublimation, Embroidery, etc.

If you are not yet registered with us and want to obtain professional rates, follow the instructions that we indicate here!.

Roly 2022: Catalog with more than 13.000 references in our online store

Roly is the leading brand in the advertising textile sector with a catalog of more than 300 garments with a total of more than 13.000 references available in the Roly 2021 brand catalog.

The Roly group: Number 1 in the advertising textile sector in Spain

In addition to distributing in 45 other countries. Thousands of companies use its products each year to advertise their brand image on their T-shirts, sweatshirts and polo shirts. A large stock availability of a wide range of products of all kinds of qualities, sizes and colors at very competitive prices makes them the most chosen brand in our country. Take a look at the cheapest advertising shirts on the market.

Why do we get chills of satisfaction when we say that we are the official Roly distributor in Spain?

No, don't laugh, we mean it! Okay, maybe we exaggerate a bit with the chills ... But the satisfaction is not a lie. Unlike!

Do you know the gustirrinín that gives to be able to say that we are the official Roly distributor in Spain? Here we are all happier than one Easter every day distributing Roly garments, personalizing them, promoting them ...

You should see the smiles we exchange in the hallways! And the good vibes in the meetings! What do you notice from the outside? It has to be noticed!

Why? That must be the question you are asking yourself, right? What is special about being the official Roly distributor in Spain? And we tell you, where do we start !?

Well, let's start with one of the factors that makes us most proud of our link to the Roly brand: social responsibility. Because we are convinced that this is one of the bases of the success of this company.

Yes, the quality of their garments is extraordinary. The fact that they are always innovating to improve their products we love too, but what really makes us feel those chills of which we talk to you in a somewhat disproportionate way, is their sense of social responsibility.

We are the official Roly distributor in Spain and we share your social commitment

But beware! And let it be clear from the beginning! We take the concept of social responsibility very seriously, and we would not like you to believe that we adopt this kind of philosophy just to pretend something that we are not.

You know, because nowadays it is good to say it and it adds points to you. No, we believe that the operations of the XNUMXst century company must be sustainable both socially, economically, and environmentally ... And, above all, we believe that the XNUMXst century company must respect people and their human rights.

And those are precisely the ethical principles under which the Roly house works. How can you, the customer, know with certainty that both the Roly house and Rafasshop, the official Roly distributor in Spain, adhere to their promises? The authorities confirm it.

The Roly house has been audited by SMETA

The Sedex Member Ethical Trade Audit (SMETA) is one of the most widely used and respected ethical auditing formats in the world today.

The SMETA audit requirements are strict and based on the ETI Base Code (the Ethical Trade Initiative, and includes the following 9 elements:

  • No child labor
  • Free employment (not forced)
  • Hygiene and safety
  • Freedom of association
  • Living wage
  • Discrimination
  • No excessive hours
  • Regular (legal) work
  • No to inhumane work (punishment or mistreatment)
  • and other aspects related to the environment.

Having successfully passed the SEDEX SMETA 4 PILLARS audit certifies that the Roly house is a socially responsible company. And Rafasshop, as the official Roly distributor in Spain, too.

Therefore, we can say with great pride that Rafasshop adheres to the 4 pillars of the audit which are health and safety, labor standards, environment and business ethics.

That, that really makes us come to work with a smile on our face every day! We can say without any doubt or objection that as an official Roly distributor in Spain, we are an ecological company that cares about its customers, its workers and the environment.

What more could you want? OEKO-TEX100 certification? We have it too.

What is the OEKO-TEX100 or EKO-TEX100 certification?

No, even if it looks like it is not the name of one of the androids in Star Wars!

The OEKO-TEX100 certification is an international standard of the textile sector controls, through analysis, auditing and verification, that certified companies act in a way that respects the environment.

Not only that, this independent testing system verifies that manufactured textiles are free of substances that may be harmful to health.

Thanks to this certification, the consumer has the certainty that the Roly house and the official Roly distributor in Spain are continuously working to:

  • Reduce your emissions into the atmosphere
  • Avoid wastewater spillage
  • Control noise in the company
  • Apply safety measures in the workplace
  • Treat and store waste
  • Reduce noise pollution
  • And guarantee energy savings

Almost nothing! Few companies have the great luxury of being able to say that everything they do, they do it leaving the least possible environmental footprint, respecting their workers, thinking about the health of their customers ... Very few.

For this reason, we distribute the leading brand in Spain in the promotional textile sector, the Roly house. A brand present in 18 European countries. And we keep counting! Hence the saying that they give us chills of satisfaction for being the official Roly distributor in Spain.

And we haven't even told you about the many charities that the Roly house constantly contributes to! Do you understand us now?

If you share this social vision with us, we invite you to visit our catalogs today.

If you dedicate yourself, or if you are thinking of dedicating yourself, to the wholesale of clothing, more of the same. Our textile customization services will set your garments apart from your competitors at very affordable prices. Find out how here!.

In any case, we are waiting for you at Rafasshop (and for the record, you are warned: everyone smiles here!).

Summer, you and Roly T-shirts: Let the magic begin!

It is that you breathe in the air, right? Is that feeling of "Joie de vivre" What our dear neighbors in France say that floods you without knowing exactly why. Friends, summer is coming!

And with good weather comes the good life, travel and the beach! Activities that will be much more pleasant if you accompany them with a garment from the Roly house.

Why the Roly house?

Because Roly is the leading brand in the textile sector in Spain, because it distributes in 45 other countries and because as an official Roly distributor in Spain, Rafasshop shares the philosophy and vision of this textile giant.

We share your policy of social responsibility and your respect for the environment and for worker rights. And we also admire their great ability to create versatile and extremely comfortable garments at very affordable prices for our customers.

For this reason, we have been official Roly distributors in Spain for many years. We trust them and our clients too. But let's continue with the theme of summer and its magic!

What can Casa Roly do to make your summer magical?

The Roly house will give you a lot of comfort to practice your favorite activities.

Travel with Roly garments

What are you backpacking and do not stop from one side to the other all summer? Roly t-shirts are designed so that you always have the feeling of dryness and a soft and delicate touch, wherever you are.

What are you planning to climb peaks where time can surprise you? Don't forget to pack some of the microfleeces that you will find in Rafasshop!

Bermuda shorts, tights, underwear, socks, caps ... We have everything you need to make your wanderings in this world a success! And no, do not worry that you are not going to leave your salary for three months.

We offer you both the Roly t-shirts and the rest of the garments in our catalog at very affordable prices so that you can spend that hard-earned money enjoying the wonders you find on your trips.

And for the record, we say it with a bit of healthy envy! At least send us a selfie with your Roly shirt in front of the Colosseum or in the Grand Canyon of the Colorado, right?

Practice sports with Roly garments

Summer, the perfect season to go out to practice sports ... Or not! How hard it is to play a football game in that heat! Or running on the beach, or playing paddle tennis or climbing mountains!

Whatever you do (as long as it doesn't involve water), you're going to break a sweat! For this reason, the Rafasshop team loves being able to offer you very attractive and high-quality garments that, instead of absorbing sweat, help you extract it to the outside, always staying dry and extremely comfortable.

Thus, you can continue hitting the ball, crossfitting or lifting weights with all the comfort in the world.

Show off that luxurious brunette!

Maybe you have read that the Roly t-shirts are very well priced or even that they are the cheapest t-shirts on the market, and you will have assumed that they are of style ... little. Nothing is further from reality!

Every year, the Roly house designs original models and gives us the most versatile and contemporary styles. Wear them on the way to the beach, when going out with your friends or when visiting your clients.

Yes, yes, in the Roly house the same garment can give a lot of itself! For example, you can combine one of our women's t-shirts with a white skirt, a matching choker, and high-heeled sandals and you'll see how that brunette shines when going out at night.

What do you want to give a little more formal air to the Roly shirt of your choice? Short blazer, jeans and a large beaded necklace. Spectacular!

But what about work? Someone will have to do some work in the summer, right? Sure, but that doesn't mean things can be done in style! And what you can also (and surely should) do is continue to promote your business.

Summer is the ideal time to promote your business with personalized Roly garments

Do you run a gym, coffee shop, advertising printing or car rental business? Whatever business you have, summer is the ideal time to advertise with personalized t-shirts that spread your message everywhere.

And, no, you won't have to invest a fortune. The advertising t-shirts from the house Roly that you will find in Rafasshop are a blank canvas that can be customized to your liking, but above all to the taste of your potential clients.

There are no limits here, you can be as creative as you want, as fun as you want, and as memorable as you want. Show your personality, communicate the personality of your company through our t-shirts, towels, bags, caps, uniforms, etc ...

Use these advertising t-shirts intelligently, and let the results surprise you!

How do you personalize the Roly garment you have selected? At Rafasshop we make it easy for you.

In fact, we have even prepared a digital design platform where you can choose or upload the image that you want to print or embroider easily. For a very affordable price, you can personalize it with any of the printing techniques that we put at your disposal, such as screen printing, 1-color vinyl, direct printing, hotprint, embroidery and sublimation.

There, that's where the magic really begins this summer! The magic is noticeable when additional income begins to arrive thanks to the advertising campaigns that you have done with Rafasshop and that they are reminding everyone how great you are.

Since 1996 we have been exclusively dedicated to the world of advertising textiles. They have been many years proving that there is no other season like summer to make your name known with advertising t-shirts. A single garment, or hundreds.

The Roly house and Rafasshop are with you to accompany you during this magical season. Where do you start? How about you take a look at our t-shirt catalog?

Advertising on Roly t-shirts: one of the smartest investments of your company

We are watching you! Your mouth has been left open from the shock that you have taken when reading the title of this article!

What T-shirt promotions are going to be one of the smartest investments of my company? But hadn't that already passed away with the issue of digital marketing?

Ah, friend! Don't believe everything you read on the Internet! Of course, those who sell digital marketing strategies are going to tell you that traditional marketing in the form of t-shirts or caps or towels or bags has passed away, and that the only thing that sells is digital advertising. But, Rafasshop in its capacity as official Roly distributor in Spain, every day it witnesses a very different story.

About us Roly t-shirt wholesalers for many years and we can confirm for sure that advertising using Roly t-shirts not only has it not decreased, it has skyrocketed.

Think about it: How many digital marketing strategies have you been trying to win over your customers? How many courses have you invested your money in? How many gurus have you trusted? And have you achieved the return on investment you were looking for?

Well that. What if you go back to basics? Can you imagine the effect a Roly T-shirt with your brand identity displayed to the thousands of people who come across it every day? Or a beach bag with your logo, slogan and colors printed on it. Can you imagine the reach you are going to have and how many people are going to notice your message?

This is what we (and our clients) call effective marketing.

So, traditional advertising has not passed away?

Not necessarily. And whoever tells you otherwise, send it to us! Because our experience as an official Roly distributor in Spain tells us that everything depends on the product or service you offer.

If you sell infoproducts to an audience that looks for you and finds you in the digital universe, traditional advertising may not be for you.

And, we underline possibly, because if you sell to urban tribes or online video game players, well-designed Roly t-shirts displaying your message and visual image can be a very smart way to supplement your income.

Think that, as an entrepreneur, your goal is to bring your offer to the market in the most affordable and effective way possible. And in many cases, that is precisely what traditional advertising offers you: affordability and effectiveness.

Yes, we will not deny that online advertising is imposed, and it works. But, a large part of the population continues to pay attention to the billboards they see on the street or the posters at bus stops, advertisements in the press, radio and television, and items such as T-shirts, towels, caps, bags, etc. ...

And while traditional advertising has its downsides, it certainly has a much larger presence and can be seen by hundreds of thousands of people every day.

How do you advertise your business with Roly brand garments?

As we mentioned in our blog, before investing in advertising on t-shirts, hats, or towels, you have to know very well who you are addressing.

We already recommended in that post that you “infiltrate” the spaces where your ideal clients move to listen to them, understand them and get to know them in depth. Collect as much information as you can about your potential customer before advertising. This will help you focus your marketing message now. customize your t-shirts (or garments) more accurately.

What should you do to customize your Roly brand t-shirts (or garments)? First of all, work on your brand identity. Very important, create a brand that tells a story, that stands out from the rest, that attracts, interests and triggers the purchase.

And then you go through the digital customization platform from Rafasshop and reflect that super captivating brand on your shirt. Or in your sports bag, or in your towel ... So, in a simple pleat. Very easy and with a team of professionals always supporting and advising you!

And if your budget allows it, give away as many Roly T-shirts as you can! Give them to your most loyal customers, to those who buy your new products, to those who follow you on the networks ... You will see the diffusion that your message has and the excellent results you get!

Roly T-shirt Advertising: Beyond Business

And no, don't think that only one business can benefit from advertising on Roly t-shirts! Think of a musical group, for example. Think Kanye West! The merchandising of his latest album 'The life of Pablo' added 1 million US dollars to his already very considerable bank account.

You imagine? Each cap cost his fans 40 dollars, a t-shirt 55 and a satin bomber jacket for 250. All with the impression of the simple word Pablo stylized in the gothic style.

Caz Madge, manager of the advertising agency Merch for Life, says that "now music is distributed practically free, so merchandising is the best way to support and connect with a band."

Okay, we don't all have Kanye's selling power, but it's undeniable that we live in the golden age of advertising on t-shirts and garments. In addition, now that the music is distributed practically free, fans like to support their favorite groups by buying t-shirts and clothing with references to their latest albums.

If you trust t-shirt advertising, trust the Roly brand

Are we making you think? Are you discovering the many advantages of advertising on t-shirts and clothing? Then, trust Rafasshop, official Roly distributor in Spain.

Why? The Roly t-shirts that we distribute are manufactured in a variety of high quality fabrics that adapt to the main functions of each garment. In other words, if you are looking for a t-shirt for sports fans, the Roly house will offer you a lightweight and breathable microfiber polyester. If you are looking for high visibility shirts, for example, the fabric will be technical, capable of coping with changes in temperature, humidity, wind, cold, etc.

With the Roly brand, quality always comes first. Not only that, both the Roly brand and Rafasshop, official Roly distributor in Spain, are ecological companies that care about our customers, our workers and the environment.

Convinced? We know that undertaking is not easy ... That the road to business or musical success is long. And we want to do everything possible so that you enjoy it as much as possible and obtain extraordinary results.

Where do you start? How about you take a look at our t-shirt catalog?

See you soon!