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What is Guerrilla Marketing and how to maximize it with your Roly t-shirts

We are all digital advertising through and through. We are not exaggerating. The report VII Observatory of Social Networks prepared by The Cocktail Analysis stated already in 2015 that "the intensity with which the networks were used in their beginnings has been controlled". That comes, to mean, that the madness of the […]

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Have you thought about the potential of the wholesale of T-shirts to urban tribes?

Have we caught your attention with the title? If so, we imagine it must be for three reasons. You yourself are part of an urban tribe and you are passionate about this type of life and the merchandising that goes with it… Or you are looking for a niche market to sell personalized t-shirts wholesale. […]

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Halloween t-shirts

Enjoy the most terrifying party of the year in the most fun way, with Halloween t-shirts and with the personalized designs that you like the most. Every year, on All Saints' Eve, little by little a different way of spending this important date has been given way. In general, for everything […]

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Techniques to personalize t-shirts safely

All garments in general, depending on their composition, some printing methods or others do better. To personalize t-shirts, what printing technique works best for each type of fabric? Distinguishing the fabrics of each garment is necessary to know which printing methods to apply in some cases or in others […]

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Direct printing with Kornit AVALANCHE HEXA

At Rafasshop we always seek to offer the best to our customers and with Kornit Avalanche Hexa we make it possible. It is the best machine of these characteristics in direct printing in the entire national territory. It prints directly on the fabric that is delightful, for its speed and its fantastic results. It works like the printers that work […]

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Prints with perfect finishes

The good finishes in the prints are achieved thanks to the maximum attention in each printing technique that each of the jobs that we undertake on a daily basis requires. After studying and treating the designs that our clients request, we carry out a work to prepare the machines so that the results […]

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Photographs on T-shirts

Immortalize the most special moments of this summer in an original way capturing those memories with photographs on T-shirts. The small details of life are the ones that seem to be the biggest in the end and the ones that count the most. At Rafasshop we are aware of this and that is why we take care of every last detail, no matter how small […]

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Don't say it with words, say it with a t-shirt and your design

When it comes to wanting to convey something to that special person, a few words are enough and it can help you to give them, incidentally, a t-shirt with that design that, only you know that they will like it. One fine day you wake up and say to yourself: “I want to say what I feel, what I really want to convey […]

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Offer of shirts for sublimation and ... sublimate in colors!

Get the T-shirts from the special collection for Roly sublimation and… sublimate in colors! Because of the type of fabric, because of the surprising finish that you will get when ordering it personalized with the design you want and now also, because of its low prices !! The customization of garments with the sublimation technique looks very good, […]

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Technical t-shirts for the world of sports

Practice your favorite sport and let us equip yourself with the best Roly technical shirts, 100% customizable and at the best prices. If you want to wear the colors that represent the spirit of your team and your effort when doing sports, you are in the right place, because at Rafasshop, distributors […]

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New catalog Roly Workwear 2017

In the previous post we presented the new Roly catalog dedicated to its Sport products for this 2017, now it is the turn of workwear with its Workwear 2017 catalog, collecting the best products for this sector. To face the work days if it is comfortably, better than better. For this reason, Roly makes special repairs […]

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