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The 10 movie t-shirts you should have in your wardrobe

We continue with the tops of essential shirts in your wardrobe. We are inveterate culture eaters, we love going to the movies and soaking up different sensations. We escape from our routine going through terror, laughing out loud or with our hearts in a fist watching a drama. And it is that we left the cinema as new, excited […]


These guys made it big with a wholesale t-shirt business. You can too

This is the story of Neil Lassen, 24, and Todor Karlikov, 29, an American from Wisconsin and a Bulgarian. Neil started working at the Target department store when he was 19 years old. He pushed carts and charged $ 8 an hour. He hated going to sleep because he knew that when he woke up he would have to spend 8 or 10 hours […]

Measure the size

How do you have to measure yourself when buying a t-shirt (Be careful! It's not as easy as it seems)

Come on Rafasshop, it can't be that difficult either! We have been buying t-shirts our whole lives and have survived without knowing how to measure them. If, according. But, if you don't mind, let us clarify something: a large part of the population wears shirts in the wrong sizes! We already mentioned it to you in our article Who said that t-shirts […]

Travel in summer

Don't travel this summer without Rafasshop technical clothing

It sounds like a cliché, but it is true: today the world is a handkerchief. Before, very few had the opportunity to travel and see remote places. Now, summer is coming and thousands of people fly from continent to continent as if it were the most normal thing in the world. Maybe you yourself are thinking of visiting some countries […]

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