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Roly Norway 5090 Men's Jacket

33,50 - 36,98

Quilted jacket with feather-touch padding and fitted, fixed hood. Duo concept. Foldable garment with transport bag included. Available in 3 colors. 100% feather effect polyester.

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In our Rafasshop online store we have a wide catalog of jackets for men, women and children that will surprise you. These jackets are perfect as raincoats, windbreaks and more.

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In our online store we have different types of jackets in a great variety of colors and sizes. Whether for adults or children, our jackets are perfect for work or sports.

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Our Roly jackets what do we have in Rafashop They have a central zip or buttons for greater security and protection. The waterproof fabric in the windbreaker jacket is perfect for rainy days.

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In most jackets you have adjusters at the cuffs and waist, so comfort and convenience is even greater. The quality of the fabric is very high because the materials used are carefully chosen.

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Discover the wide catalog of work jackets what do we have in Rafashop and acquire the units you need to dress your team. You have a wide selection of men's and women's jackets.

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