Roly fleeces for boys and girls

The best fleeces for children. Customize them.

At Rafasshop we are in luck with this wonderful selection of fleeces for children that we have been preparing for you. This new selection of garments allows us to expand our catalog by offering several different models of cheap fleeces for children.

In our catalog you can find all kinds of linings, ideal for those winter days when, even so, you have to get up early and go to class and come home late after school and activities. If you want to make sure your child will go warm enough class and their daily routines, it is best that you take a look at this section.

The fleeces for children that we currently have in the catalog, we were clear that they should be, as a base, comfortable, warm and resistant. We have worked hard to bring you the best selection of fleeces with high quality, at a very competitive price and with a very simple maintenance.

These types of garments are also perfect for your child to enjoy a day or an excursion in the snow or, simply, to go out to play warm in the street on colder days. In this way, children's fleeces from Rafasshop They have been designed to be resistant to possible stains, falls or breaks, always ensuring the protection of the child.

Children's fleeces at unbeatable prices

This type of fleece for children has also been designed to be very easy to maintain. To make the task of cleaning clothes easier for parents, these garments are designed to minimize stains and also have fast dry, especially for winter, where clothes (depending on the area) are not so easy to dry quickly.

Along the same lines, the design of the Rafasshop children's fleeces has been exclusively designed so that conserve body heat of the child. In this sense, the polar linings that we offer in our online store all have two extra closures to ensure the maintenance of the interior temperature.

On the one hand, all our linings have a elastic band, placed in the lower part of the trunk, which allows to adjust the waist of the garment and better keep the heat. In addition, they also have another elastic fabric on the cuffs, to ensure that the internal heat cannot vary through the air inlet through the arms.

Finally, in Rafasshop you can also customize liner features children's fleece that you need. In our online store you can also order the serigraphs of your models to get a 100% personalized piece.

Our selection of fleeces for boys

At Rafasshop we were clear from the beginning that what we were looking for was to be able to offer our customers what they were really looking for. For this reason, in this children's fleece section we knew that we would have to have different models.

Boys and girls also have their tastes and needs and for this reason, we need to sell several different types of fleeces. On the one hand, we have endeavored to offer as many different sizes as possible. Currently, you can buy fleeces in sizes ranging from two years to 16.

This selection of children's fleeces is available in multiple colors, some more basic, for day to day, such as black or gray and others much more cheerful with more vivid colors for special days such as blue, red, purple or green.

Discover the collection of children's fleeces

Another advantage of our catalog of fleeces for children are the different closures of the jerseys. On the one hand, we have selected polar linings as a T-shirt, with a central zipper that runs through the lining from top to bottom and that can be, at a certain moment, more practical.

This type of fleece for children also has two side pockets, perfect for keeping hands from the cold, which, in addition, are closed with two zippers to avoid losing anything.

On the other hand, we also wanted to include in the catalog a children's fleece that looked more like a sweater or sweatshirt. It is simply a fleece with a zip on top and that it can be more useful when we want to prevent the child from opening the jacket completely.

Buy our cheap fleeces for children now

If you are looking for good fleeces for children, in Rafashop we can offer you everything you are looking for. Go into our online store, place the order from the comfort of your home and in a few days you will receive the selected garments in the place of your choice.

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