We are the official Roly distributor in Spain and we share your social commitment

But beware!

And let it be clear from the beginning!

We take the concept of social responsibility very seriously, and we would not like you to believe that we adopt this kind of philosophy just to pretend something that we are not.

You know, because nowadays it is good to say it and it adds points ...

No, we believe that the operations of the XNUMXst century company must be sustainable both socially, economically, and environmentally ...

Above all, we believe that the company of the XNUMXst century must respect people and their human rights.

And those are precisely the ethical principles under which the Roly house works.

That is why we can say with great pride that Rafasshop adheres to the 4 pillars of the audit which are health and safety, labor standards, environment and business ethics.

Why Roly?

The Roly brand was not born just like that.

You have to go back to 1990 in Fortuna, Murcia. The parent company, Camisetas Santomera SL began manufacturing basic white t-shirts and personalizing them with small serigraphs, nationwide.

Later, they gradually added new clothes and colors to the catalog under their first brand: White Dog.

Here, in Spain, the entire manufacturing process was controlled from the purchase of the thread to its preparation and the dyeing and weaving was carried out by third parties. It is this integration of the production and control of the entire line that makes Roly a company that knows perfectly the different types of garments.

It is from 1996 when the company begins to import the garments from abroad. First through brokers that managed the purchase at origin, and from 1999 with direct imports already under the Roly brand, created 3 years earlier.

Coinciding with this time, the company Gor Factory SA was founded to assume responsibility and control of the garment import process.

In 2006, the company makes the decision to unify its different brands under the brand Roly, starting a new period that extends to the present. At the same time, all its infrastructures were centralized in a single headquarters, creating the current logistics center in the province of Murcia and several national and international delegations were inaugurated, from where Roly and its products approach the different markets and customers.

A brand present in 18 European countries.

And we keep counting!

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Some of your certificates of responsibility


The Roly brand has been audited by SMETA, the Sedex Member Ethical Trading Audit (SMETA). It is one of the most widely used and respected ethical audit formats in the world today.

The SMETA audit requirements are strict and based on the ETI Base Code (the Ethical Trade Initiative, > www.ethicaltrade.org) and includes the following 9 elements:

Smeta Sedex
Eco-Tex 100

What is the OEKO-TEX100O certification?

The OEKO-TEX100 certification is an international standard of the textile sector controls, through analysis, auditing and verification, that certified companies act in a way that respects the environment.

Not only that.

This independent testing system verifies that manufactured textiles are free of substances that may be harmful to health.

Thanks to this certification, the consumer has the certainty that the Roly house and the official Roly distributor in Spain are continuously working to:

For this reason, we distribute the leading brand in Spain in the promotional textile sector, Roly.

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In any case, we are waiting for you at Rafasshop (and for the record, you are warned: everyone smiles here!).