Garment care

Tips for caring for your clothes.

Caring for your clothes

Sometimes you don't have the feeling that clothes don't last long, they wear out very quickly

 Well, don't worry, we'll bring you a few useful tips for caring for your clothes.

The first thing we must do is make sure that the closet or the area for storing clothes is clean and tidy. We recommend that you pay special attention to the inside of the wardrobe and to moisture. If you find it, it is advisable to remove it as soon as possible, since it can spoil your clothes in a very short time.

The second advice that we are going to give you is not specifically about the care of the garments, but it will be very useful for you to maintain order. It is highly recommended to do a laundry cleaning at least once a year. We always keep clothes that we do not wear, perhaps because of memories or because of the famous "just in case".

But deep down you know you're not going to wear it again. All those clothes are taking up space in your closet and it makes it difficult for you both to order and to know what you really have in your wardrobe. So take all the clothes out of the closet and select what you need and what you don't. With the garments that you discard, you can divide them to recycle or to donate or give away.

Okay, we already have a clean closet and selected clothes, what do we do now? Well, it's simpler than you think. When buying new clothes, do not get carried away only by the aesthetics of the garment. Look at the inside label to see what kind of care it requires. If you buy, for example, a jacket that can only be dry cleaned, you will have to take it to the dry cleaner every time you want to wash it. Or if you live in a very humid area and you tend to use the dryer, make sure that sweater can be dried like this.

Garment care

Now we are going to get into the matter of washing. When putting the washing machine it is very important to separate the clothes by colors and types. It has happened to all of us that when washing a white shirt with some color, we have found it stained when taking it out. If you are still one of those who do not want to waste time separating, we recommend that you look for a product such as color pick-up wipes that capture the color particles inside the drum and protect the rest of the fabrics.

On the other hand, it is also necessary to separate the clothes by type, especially since not all clothes need the same cleaning program. If we wash sports or work clothes or clothes with a lot of dirt, we will select a more effective program or even with prewash, while with delicate or not very stained clothes we will opt for a shorter program or with a lower temperature.

When washing your jeans or pants it is recommended that you wash them right side out and with the buttons and zippers fastened. The same for other garments with zippers, in this way we will prevent them from snagging on other garments and causing tears in the fabrics.

Here's some pretty obvious advice, but it happens more than you think. She checks the pockets before washing the garment. The number of times we have left a handkerchief or a receipt in our pants and then we have been finding paper scraps all over the laundry and the washing machine. This advice is also directed to the care of the washing machine. Because all the small objects that we put in the washing machine will end up in the drum and in the filter, and can cause a breakdown that can easily be avoided.

When washing small or delicate items like bras, stockings, or socks, use a mesh or mesh bag. This way we will achieve several things. To begin with, that they are not damaged by the friction of other garments with the movement of the washing machine, that the parts such as the brackets do not get caught in other fabrics and cause damage, they also protect the drum from elements such as the rings of the bras and the most importantly, you will prevent the socks from being “lost”.

How many times has it happened to you that you wash two socks and when you take the clothes out of the washing machine there is only one. Where has the other gone? That is one of the great unsolved mysteries of humanity. (Our theory is that they are going to travel the world, but shhh? It's a secret).

Garment care

Do not abuse the amount of detergent and softener. Not by adding more quantity, the clothes will be cleaned more. This is another fairly common mistake with which we get just the opposite. With an excess of product, the clothes will be matted and the fibers full of soap or softener, so they will not be clean. Not to mention caring for the environment, think that all that extra liquid ends up reaching nature and polluting in its path.

How can we solve it? Well, to begin with, follow the manufacturer's instructions, depending on the dirt, the type of fabric or even the quality of the water, we will put more or less quantity. Regarding the care of the environment, we can always opt for brands or products of ecological origin, biodegradable or respectful with the environment.

Garment care

And to finish with the washing part, do not overload the washing machine. When putting the washing machine there should be a hole in the upper part of the drum that allows you to put your hand and touch the bottom. Think that your washing machine supports certain kilos inside the drum and that wet clothes weigh more than dry clothes, so a priori it may seem that it does not exceed the weight recommended by the manufacturer but finally it does and we run the risk of damaging the washing machine.

Once we have the clothes washed, it is time to dry them. If we have a dryer, we must make sure which garments we can dry like this and which ones we cannot. Synthetic garments, cotton, jeans, towels and sheets can be dried in the dryer, however check the instructions of each garment to make sure. The clothes that we cannot dry in the dryer must be air dried.

Do not leave the clothes for many hours inside the washing machine because it will take on a musty smell. Before laying it out, make sure it is not too wet because it will weigh more and deform. Just before hanging it, shake it a little, you will reduce wrinkles and in many cases it will not be necessary to iron the clothes. Hang it as straight as possible and avoid folding the garment on itself, it will dry faster and won't get wrinkles.

Color garments should be hung upside down and in a place that does not give them direct light so that the sun does not eat the color. Some garments such as shirts, blouses, dresses will keep their shape better and dry faster if instead of hanging them with clothespins you hang them on hangers. If possible, do not put darts, but if you have to put them, do it in the seams of the garment and try to use as few as possible.

Garment care

Plastic tweezers tend to leave fewer marks than wooden tweezers. Another super important thing is that you do not store the clothes too close together, you must leave enough space between them for air to run, so it will dry faster. Finally, when you have to dry woolen garments, try to put them horizontally so that they do not lose their shape.

And, although it sounds super obvious, do not wash for washing. Apart from the unnecessary waste of water and energy, the fibers of the clothes wear out with washing. So if you want to extend the life of your clothes, avoid washing them when it is not necessary. There are times when airing the garment a little is enough.

Okay, we already have the clothes washed and dried, now what do we do? Well, the ideal is to pick it up and store it as soon as possible, this way we will avoid excessive wrinkling. Keep in mind that there are garments that are better to store folded and others on hangers to maintain their original shape.

To store clothes, we advise you to group them by categories, so it will be much easier for you to find what you need. You can make a category of sports, short-sleeved shirts, underwear,... You can even make subcategories, everything is to maintain order in our closet.

We recommend that you take a look at this vogue article about clothes care. 

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With all these cares you will notice that your clothes will be kept in good condition for longer. Will you tell us how it is?

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