Returns B2B (Companies)

All products purchased at Rafasshop may be returned and reimbursed, provided that the USER communicates to Rafasshop his intention to return the product (s) purchased within a maximum period of 14 calendar days from the delivery date and that it is comply with the rest of the conditions established in this section.

In which cases can I request an ADM (Merchandise Return Authorization? - Rafasshop pays the postage.

  1. You have received merchandise that you did not request due to our error.
  2. You have received merchandise with a manufacturing fault such as defects, stains, etc.
  3. You have received merchandise with wrong sizes or colors. * At this point we mean that, for example, a size "S" is requested and an "M" is received, or that you order a "Red" garment and receive a "Pink"

* The measurements indicated in the online store are those provided by the manufacturer but may have a tolerance of ± 2cm. Returns are not accepted for these slight changes in sizes.

* The tonality in the colors of the garments, different components of the garment, or accessories, may differ with respect to the photograph provided in the online store and printed catalog with respect to the original product. The display of colors is very different depending on the type of monitor and settings for brightness, contrast, color gamut, etc. The manufacturer also reserves the right to modify the shades throughout the year without prior notice due to manufacturing needs, adjustments according to the range of colors or improvements requested by customers. Returns are not accepted for these slight changes in shades.

In which cases can I request an ADM? - You pay the shipping

  • You have 14 days from the receipt of your order to return merchandise to us for any other reason.
  • In this case you will have a penalty of 15% of the total amount of the invoice with a minimum of € 15 for administrative costs and logistics management. That is, if eg. You want to make a return worth € 1000, 15% will mean € 150, and if it is a return worth € 50, 15% would be € 7,5, but since it is the minimum amount of € 15, said 15 will be charged €.

In which cases are merchandise returns NOT allowed?

  • Once 14 calendar days have passed from the date of receipt of the merchandise, we DO NOT accept return of any type of merchandise regardless of the reason.
  • Product samples.
  • Products that have been customized. Before customizing the products, you must verify that the merchandise you have received is correct and corresponds to your order, as well as having previously shown the product to your client to confirm that he is satisfied with the pattern, fabric, qualities, measurements, etc. .
  • Used, stained, damaged products, etc.

What steps should I take?

  1. Fill in ALL the details of the ADM application form.
  2. Send us the form to
  3. Once we have carried out our steps, we will send you a return number by email that must be clearly reflected on the outside of the box.
  4. When it is ready you must notify us by email to send our agency to pick it up at the address where the return is located.


  • In our warehouse no undocumented merchandise is received, so if you do not include the label with the authorization, they will reject the package and it will arrive back.
  • In the case of not correctly completing the return request or including more merchandise than indicated, we reserve the right to reject the merchandise without paying it or incurring the expenses incurred in the concept of extra administrative and logistical procedures.

Returns B2C (final consumer)

All products purchased at Rafasshop may be returned and reimbursed, provided that the end consumer communicates to Rafasshop his intention to return the product (s) purchased and that the rest of the conditions established in this section are met:

  • The product must be in the original condition and not have been used beyond the mere verification of its good condition.
  • The term to exercise this right is 14 calendar days from receipt of the product.
  • In the event that the reason for the return is simply that you do not like the product or that you want to change the size or color, you will have to bear the return shipping costs.
  • If, on the other hand, the reason for the return is that we have made a mistake by sending you an incorrect garment, or it presents a defect of origin or tare, we will be responsible for 100% of the exchange and / or return costs, including the cost shipping pick up and ship a new garment.
  • Once we receive the returned product, we will proceed to check its status prior to its replacement or payment. If the returned product shows any stain, wear, tear or similar, we reserve the right not to refund the amount or to do so partially.
  • In the case of requesting a refund and the product is in good condition, we will refund the total amount of the purchase, that is, the price of the product, plus shipping costs.
  • We will not accept returns of merchandise without prior communication from the customer.

Custom Products:

According to law 103/2014 of the BOE, exceptions to the right of withdrawal may be given in certain situations:

"The right of withdrawal will not be applicable to contracts that refer to: [...] The supply of goods made according to the specifications of the consumer and user or clearly personalized."

Printing any garment with any design and type of printing, even using the appropriate machinery, always requires a process in which a person intervenes to place the garment on the base that will be used for its printing or to place the design on the garment. . Therefore the position and sizes may vary slightly from what was originally requested. Thanks to our 20 years of experience with all these types of processes, we carry out high-quality work and professional finishes.

When stamping on a garment, it must be taken into account that the colors and qualities may vary depending on various reasons. Although we always use the highest quality materials in vinyl, screen printing, embroidery, sublimation and direct printing, keep in mind that colors can also vary slightly. Keep in mind that the design when viewing it from one monitor to another looks different depending on the color, brightness and contrast settings. The same happens when printing, since the stamping is done on a textile garment of different qualities and colors. An example regarding a home printing would be to compare the printing results between printing a photograph on cardboard or photographic paper.

Therefore, in the event that you have purchased a personalized product through the online designer, or by sending us your designs or specifications, returns will not be accepted unless the products have a manufacturing defect.

Returns will not be accepted for slight changes in size, position or color of the stamped design.

Procedure to exercise the right of withdrawal:

Simply send an e-mail to indicating the number of your order, the products you want to return or exchange and indicate the reason.

You can also use the following form and send it to us by e-mail to duly completed: Return request document.

It is not mandatory to indicate the reason, but in the event that the reason for the return is due to an error in the preparation of the order or a defect in the garment, we will offer you to collect the garment 100% free, but if you do not indicate the reason you will have to take care of the shipping costs of the return.


  • Rafasshop acts as a distributor of manufacturers or wholesale distributors who guarantee that the products that are presented for sale on work correctly and do not present defects or hidden defects that may make them dangerous or unsuitable for normal use.
  • The guarantee of the articles marketed by is 2 years for private users as provided by law 23/2003 of July 10 on Guarantees in the Sale of Consumer Goods, a period that will be modulated according to the nature of the product in question. Within the 2-year warranty, you have 2 months after detecting the manufacturing fault in the product to report it.
  • According to the law 103/2014 of the BOE, depending on the situation and product we can exercise the Repair, Replacement, Price reduction or Resolution of the contract.
  • Once the user has received the product, they will have an attached label informing about the brand, sufficient instructions for the correct use and care of the item.
  • The guarantee will lose its validity in case of defects or deterioration caused by external factors, accidents, especially wear, friction, incorrect washing and use not in accordance with the instructions on the manufacturer's label.