Looking for the ideal sports equipment

Looking For The Perfect Sports Gear

When you form a sports team and figure out what kit design you want, it is not always easy to find a product according to the initial idea given the limitations of patterns, colors, sizes, etc.

Although when choosing a pre-made sports kit it may seem cheap, remember that each logo, sponsor, brand, name and number, and any other customization will imply an additional cost on it, increasing as the number of elements is greater.

Also depending on the type of personalization, one technique or another can be used, for example, using vinyl for names and numbers. Vinyl, although it has a very good finish and durability, is not breathable, which is not the most suitable for sports.

Another problem with ready-made kits is availability, a model, a size, a color can run out, or even be discontinued completely.


  • Although we have many patterns, you can design your own pattern.
  • There is no limit on the number of colors, elements such as logos, sponsors, brands, names and numbers, etc., the cost will be the same. We also have a template of fixed colors that if you choose one of them, the order preparation process can be somewhat accelerated.
  • The fabric used may vary depending on the type of sport, as a general rule it is usually 100% polyester or it may contain a small percentage of elastane to provide more elasticity to the garments, so that breathability is complete.
  • Stamping is done using sublimation. This technique gives it great coloring, complete breathability, as if it had no design and complete durability since the ink becomes part of the fabric.
  • The design can be "full print" occupying 100% of the pattern, it is not delimited by zones, since the design is printed, sublimated on fabric, and then cut and assembled.
  • The minimum order is very low, from 10 units.
  • Garment replacements are allowed, we keep the design indefinitely.
  • The garments are manufactured on demand, so there are no availability problems throughout the year.
  • Estimated delivery time: They are nationally manufactured garments, so we do not depend on Asian factories and the delay in transport, only on the manufacturing time, which when dealing with a manual process, is around 15 to 20 days.
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Thanks to the fact that they are not already created garments, there are no limitations in the type of sport, here are some examples of kits that we offer: