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False stereotypes in fashion

Nowadays, finding yourself in this situation is very common, since one thing we did not know is that the same size has three different measurements.
For this reason, in some stores they use a specific size and in three more sizes of the same, since each store chooses the measure that it will use in its production.
 So really what is our size?
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This is a bias, since in some way or another the brand wants to convey to us non-verbally that its store only sells products for people with specific measures, leaving no option for those who do not comply with these.
We can all see that the models of many brands are always skinny and tall, and this is one of the reasons why the insecurity of these people begins to grow, in addition to seeing how they increasingly manufacture smaller sizes to the point of going to buy clothes and leave empty-handed because nothing fits you or because you don't like how it fits. This insecurity that seems to be silly ends up being a serious problem.
One of the reasons that drives people who have this problem when it comes to buying clothes is the great shortage of sizes, since the largest size available in many of the most popular stores is size 42 or even size 40. XNUMX. How can it be that these are the largest sizes that you can find in the best-known brands?
This makes people who find themselves in this situation begin to wonder if it really is their fault or the fault of the clothes.
This situation affects the way you see yourself or can even lead to an increase in the distortion of the body image until it reaches the rejection of the body itself. Due to this, many people suffer from an eating disorder as they become obsessed with losing weight and reaching a “normative body” that falls within the stereotype of “person accepted by society”.
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Browsing TikTok we found the video of @morgana_art

He studied fashion design and clearly explains the situation we are experiencing with the sizing of the big brands that dominate the market.

From the Institute of Biomechanics of Valencia they demand a change in philosophy, which consists of including people's measurements such as hips, chest, waist and height in addition to including size. This is something that already happens in brands like Decathlon.
"The current sizing is not standard and is based on studies from the 70s. There is no regulation and companies do not have the actual measurements," argues Juan Carlos González, Director of Innovation in Clothing at the Institute, who has carried out two studies in men and women to show fashion companies what the Spanish population really is like.
We must ensure that sizes are manufactured for all measurements and that anyone, regardless of their size, can enjoy their favorite garments regardless of the brand and thus prevent this situation from continuing to advance.
These data and many more can be found with a simple click, informing us is in our hands and the information can give us the power to decide with criteria and change this section of fashion. This situation is a cry silenced by all of us who turn our heads before the stereotypes that are far from reality and underestimate so many women.
Do you join the change?
all bodies are valid
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