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Festivities towns Marina Baixa summer 2022

We already know that we are still in spring, but the air already smells of summer and the body asks you to go out to the street to have a good time and a little party at the same time.

We also come from some complicated years in which we have been confined, curfew, perimeter closures,... We have missed many things but everything was necessary to take care of ourselves and protect ourselves.

Now, it seems that life is already returning to normal and little by little we are recovering our pre-pandemic habits and customs. Something that we are gradually recovering and we love are the town festivals.

That is why today we are going to tell you a little about the festivities of the towns of our region, the Marina Baixa.


Benidorm is the largest municipality in the Marina Baixa and is famous for its sun and beach tourism and for its nightlife.

It is a totally cosmopolitan city and as proof we can find many popular festivals typical of various regions of Spain throughout the year. In the summer season it is worth noting:

-16 to 19. Corpus Pilgrimage.
-18 to 24. Bonfires of San Juan.
-20 to 24. Fiestas de la Cala.
-25. San Juan dinner. Saint Anthony festivities.
-6. Summer dinner. Rose Festival.
-14 to 17. Festivities of Carmen.
-23. Dinner Major Festivities in honor of San Jaime.
-25. Saint James, patron saint of Benidorm. Major Patron Festivities.
-26. Feast of Santa Ana.
-13. Verbena Brotherhood Ntra. Mrs. Hope.
-16. San Roque.
-27. Flamenco Contest – Casa Andalucía.

The Vila Joiosa

It is the capital of the region and the second most populous city in it.

La Vila has a great seafaring and chocolate industry tradition and has also stood out as a national and international tourist destination in recent years.

Unlike its neighbor Benidorm, its parties originate from the area. Of all of them we recommend:

-23. Eve of San Juan.
-16- Feast of the Virgen del Carmen
-24 to 31. Moors and Christians. Festivities celebrated in honor of Santa Marta.


It is considered by many to be the most beautiful town on the Costa Blanca with its cobbled streets and white houses adorned with flowers.

At the top of the hill rises the blue dome of the church of Nuestra Señora del Consuelo, giving rise to an idyllic picture.

-2 to 5. Festivities in honor of the Holy Trinity in the neighborhood of Bellaguarda.
– 9 to 13. Festivities in honor of San Antonio in the Cap Blanch game.
-23 to 26. San Juan festivities in the Fornet neighborhood (Old Town).
-14 to 17. Festivities in honor of San Pedro and the Virgen del Carmen in the fishing district.
-22 to 24. Festivities in honor of San Jaime in Cap Blanch.
-22 to 25. Festivities in honor of Santa Ana in Altea la Vella.
-5 to 7. Festivities of San Roque.
-12 to 15. Festivities of San Lorenzo and Castell De L'olla.
-13 to 15. Festivities of San Isidro.
-26 to 29. Festivities of San Luis.

Alfaz del Pi

Known for his support of culture and especially Spanish cinema. Every year they celebrate the famous International Film Festival where they deliver the Faro de Plata awards.

You will feel like a Hollywood star when you walk along its Walk of Stars by the sea. 

-Albir Festivals



La Nucia

This municipality is very committed to culture and youth, especially with the sports area, so it is not surprising that it is known as the City of Sports.

In addition to visiting its many cultural and sports facilities, we recommend you go in the summer months to enjoy its festivals.

-9. Feast of the Puebla Charter. 
-From the 14th. Major Patron Saint Festivities in honor of the Virgin of the Assumption and San Roque.

Callosa d´en Sarrià

If you are looking for a rural plan, you should definitely visit this town.

Surrounded by the Algar and Guadalest rivers, you can enjoy dreamlike natural landscapes such as the Fonts de l'Algar, with natural pools where you can cool off in summer.

But first, take a look at their summer parties:

-Friday, Saturday and Sunday closest to 25-26-27. Festivities in honor of San Jaime. 


When talking about Finestrat, the expression “sea and mountains” is usually heard, this is because in this idyllic town you can enjoy the best of both spaces.

Located at the foot of the imposing Puig Campana, it is worth visiting and getting lost in its streets.

You want to see the sea, because in the Finestrat cove you can enjoy the sun and the beach throughout the year. In summer they celebrate several parties, you can not miss them:

-23. San Juans night.
-24. Patron Saint Festivities in honor of San Bartolomé, patron saint of Finestrat.

Polop de la Marina

It is one of the most charming towns in the province of Alicante. If you have the opportunity to walk through its streets you will discover endless photographable corners.

If, in addition, your visit coincides with the festivities, you will be able to enjoy the energy of the people and you will see how it spreads to you:

-14 to 17. Fiestas del porrat.


 This town surrounded by mountains is the perfect enclave to achieve peace and tranquility.

It is one of the favorite rural tourism destinations for fans of mountain sports such as hiking or canyoning.

Visit Relleu in summer and you can enjoy its festivals:

-The first weekend. The pilgrimage to the hermitage of “Sant Albert de Sicília” is celebrated


It is surrounded by almond, cherry and olive trees, in the Sierra del Ferrer. There you will find the silence and calm that you need so much.

In summer they have several events that are highly recommended:

-First weekend. Sa festa des parlar de sa. 
-First weekend. Festival of the Fadrins. 
-Third weekend. gastronomic fair.

-First weekend. Patron saint festivities in honor of Santa Bárbara


If you are looking for nature, silence, mountain sports and good gastronomy, you must visit Benimantell.

Located in the Guadalest Valley and next to the Sierra de Aitana, it offers us a fairytale landscape, whether in summer or winter. But if you go in summer better, because that's how you take advantage and see the parties:

-8 to 12. Youth Festivals in honor of San Lorenzo


Bolulla is one of those towns that are small in size but big in spirit.

It is located in the Valley of Tárbena and is a perfect destination for lovers of hiking.

In summer we can enjoy its festivals:

-Third Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. Patron Saint Festivities in honor of San José, la Dolorosa and the Blessed Sacrament.


Without a doubt you must know this town. It is located in the Guadalest Valley and its beautiful landscapes will captivate you.

It is a very good option for rural tourism in the province of Alicante.

In the summer season you can enjoy several festivities:

-It is celebrated at the end of June. Beniardà Craft Fair. 
-Last weekend. Youth Festival in honor of San Juan.
-First weekend. Patron Saint Festivities in honor of the Virgen de los Dolores.

Castell de Guadalest

 It has been declared a Historic-Artistic Site since 1974 and is part of the most beautiful villages in Spain.

In it you will find nature, sports, gastronomy, museums of all kinds,...

So don't think about it any more, this summer take a walk there and while you're at it, enjoy its parties:

-14 to 17. Patron Saint Festivities in honor of the Virgin of the Assumption


The municipality of Confrides rises to 785 meters above sea level, which makes it the highest town in the region.

It is located in the upper part of the Guadalest Valley and is the ideal destination for fans of mountain sports and rural tourism.

In summer several festivities are held in the town:

-Weekend closest to the 13th. Feast of young people in honor of San Antonio de Padua. 
- Penultimate Sunday of August. Patron Saint Festivities in honor of San José and the Virgen de los Dolores


It is the smallest town in the region. Located in the Guadalest valley next to the Sierra Aitana, it is an ideal destination for rural tourism getaways.

There we will find the peace and tranquility that is impossible to obtain in the cities.

In summer, taking advantage of the good weather, we can enjoy various local festivities:


– First weekend. Youth Festival (in Valencian, Festes dels Joves) in honor of Sant Pere. 
-Last weekend. Festivities. They are celebrated in honor of San Miguel.

So if this summer you are near the Marina Baixa, do not hesitate to visit its towns and if it is during its festivals, all the better.

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