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Photographs on T-shirts

Immortalize the most special moments of this summer in an original way capturing those memories with photographs on T-shirts.

The small details of life are the ones that seem to be the biggest in the end and the ones that count the most.

At Rafasshop we are aware of this and that is why we take care of every last detail, no matter how small.

Like the Roly quality, the inks, the colors, the finishes, the Prices, etc.

Therefore, we take into account the needs of each of our customers, and we put at your disposal a wide range of products, to choose between several versions of the same garment, whether plain, in different sizes and colors, or Custom to the taste of the consumer.

With this last option, we receive countless demands, among which the images they want to share stand out, showing on the back of a shirt, to show how important they are to their lives.

Our photographs on t-shirts they freeze the time of moments, scenarios or scenes with people, landscapes or pets to always have more present.

Also, there are authentic ones and craftspeople who are carried away by inspiration and want to bring evocative, spiritual images ... In short, endless possibilities that leave the door open to innumerable forms of expression combining two ways of doing it. Through photography first, and later with us, with the impression of that image on the fabric of a garment.

From this writing to all of them, our clients, thank you very much, for letting us be part of it, for choosing us, and don't let the special photographs fade!

img post 12Photographs on T-shirts forming montages that, with four elements, say a lot.

img post 8

Photo to the photographer on the seashore.

img post 7The queen pet of the house.

img post 11The dog deserves a painting and a t-shirt too.

img post 5

Landscape or window of the soul?

img post 9A surprise gift!

img post 13Zen photography.
img post 4
Indelible moments, and even more so if we print them on a T-shirt. 😛img post 2Your favorite animal. Serves for various interpretations 😉
img post 1Clear declaration of love for horses.


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