urban tribes

Have you thought about the potential of the wholesale of T-shirts to urban tribes?

Have we caught your attention with the title?

If so, we imagine it must be for three reasons.

You yourself are part of an urban tribe and you are passionate about this type of life and the merchandising that goes with it ...

Or are you looking for a market niche to sell custom t-shirts wholesale.

Or do you think the Rafasshop people have lost the north and don't know what they're talking about anymore.

Is that so?

Well come on, discard the third option, because for the moment we are still in our right mind.

So whether you are part of a tribe or not, but you are looking for a niche of sale of specialized wholesale t-shirts, we invite you to continue reading.

For those who are not very clear, what is that of an urban tribe let's start with the definitions.

What is an urban tribe?

Have you heard of the Otaku?

Are you one of them?

So, you are part of an urban tribe made up of people crazy about anime and manga, right?

But whether they are otakus, or emos, or punks, or grunges, or gamers, or even hipsters, an urban tribe is a group of people that identifies with a specific way of being and thinking and creates ecosystems of thoughts that are independent and parallel to those of the rest of society.

That is, you have a market niche made up of people who are extremely passionate about a specific topic and everything related to that topic: from the way they dress, to the type of music they listen to, the way of speaking, of spending their free time , etc.

How do you create a T-shirt wholesaling business to urban tribes?

For now, you already have an advantage.


Because you have found your niche, one of the most important and most difficult aspects of creating and launching a business, be it wholesale t-shirts in other words, of any other type.

eMarketerSocial defines a market niche as:

"A subgroup of a market segment made up of people with very similar and very specific wants or needs who are looking for a way to satisfy those wants or needs ”.

That is, your heavies, your gamers or your pokemons.

Now, if you are not part of one of the urban tribe to which you plan to focus your business of wholesale t-shirts, you have to do everything possible to get to know them as if they were their twin brother.

That is, very, very thoroughly:

  • What fascinates them?
  • What worries them?
  • What makes them angry?
  • What kinds of blogs do they read?
  • What YouTube channels do you follow?
  • What kind of products do they buy?
  • How far would they go to buy a product like yours?
  • How do they perceive your product or service and how does this perspective impact them when making decisions?
  • Where and when do they buy?
  • What time of day or night do they shop?
  • Do you prefer to do it on a mobile device?
  • What language do they use?
  • Who are your icons?

And any other question of this type that allows you to know them perfectly to be able to capture the iconography and thought of this tribe in a line of fashion garments that are cult.

Almost nothing!

Now be very careful!

Make sure 110% that you know what you are doing.

Don't ever offend or make mistakes! For our urban tribes, theirs is sacred and can become antagonistic towards other tribes!

And when you feel fully satisfied with your idea, your brand and your design, then you stop by Rafasshop, Official Roly distributor in Spain.

We are the starting point of your business to wholesale t-shirts to urban tribes

The Rafasshop team distributes the leading brand in Spain of the promotional textile sector, the Roly house.

A brand present in 18 European countries.

Since 1996 we have been exclusively dedicated to the world of advertising textile.

And we know what you need to be successful in a T-shirt wholesaling business, whatever your niche is!

That's why we even put at your disposal a digital design platform that allows you to create and visualize your garments before sending them to print.

For a very, very affordable price, you can personalize your urban designs using any of the printing techniques that we put at your disposal, from 1-color vinyl, to screen printing, direct printing, hotprint, embroidery and sublimation.


So, choose the t-shirts or garments you want to print ...

The sizes…


And the most exciting part of your company begins wholesale! The moment when your dream comes true!

You'll see the excitement when you receive your emo, hipster or grunge t-shirts after a few days!

Would you rather dedicate yourself to others in your business of wholesale of t-shirts to urban tribes and leave the design and printing in the hands of professionals?

We are at your service, for whatever you need.

You just have to call us at 96 688 04 57 or contact us by email at info@rafasshop.es and tell us your vision.

And once we have made it happen, the moment of truth arrives!

You have to start distributing your Roly t-shirts to those urban tribes!

A spectacular website that connects with your philosophy is essential, and a blog and YouTube channel highly recommended!

And since you know the pilgrimage points of these tribes, go for them all!

Good luck!

And remember that Rafasshop helps you with whatever you need!

See you soon!

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