At Rafasshop, always seeking to offer the best to our customers, 2 years ago we acquired the first textile printer that allows printing directly on t-shirts in full color from one unit. Since then we have not stopped in solving orders in full color.

The Kornit Havalanche Hexa printer offers the most powerful and innovative digital direct printing t-shirt printing on the market. And with Rafasshop, now you can also check it.

At first glance, it appears as a very large, complex machine, difficult to use, and in reality it is, but thanks to the work and knowledge of our operators, everything becomes very simple and easier.

A good example of this is reflected in the satisfactory outputs of all our daily orders.

Also, they have its great advantages:

  • Explosion of colors thanks to its new “NeoPigment ™ PURE Ink” and extra Red and Green color cartridges.
  • You can print in a larger stamping area, up to 40x50cm!
  • Sophisticated mechanism that quadruples the daily production capacity.
  • Technique that offers the best rates, which means that the cost of printing per shirt is considerably reduced.

Why is it the best printer?

Kornit Hexa 1
  • It has new generation inks with two extra colors: red and green.
    Kornit Avalanche Hexa color range One of the shortcomings of this type of direct printing on the fabric was the vividness and color, resulting in slightly muted tones, especially after the shirt had passed through the drying tunnel. This printer uses new inks called “NeoPigment ™ PURE Ink” and in addition to the classic CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow and black) + white, pure Red and Green have been added. This allows the color palette to be expanded by an extra 30% when the inks are mixed, the finishes being much more realistic, with more vivid and brilliant colors. To do this, it uses its 20 “Spectra Polaris” heads with 6 color channels.
  • Larger print size.
    Until now the maximum print size was a tad higher than 30 x 40cm. Now the maximum printing area will be 40 x 50 cm. In the future we will add new sizes of 50 x 70cm and 60 x 90cm. Also thanks to the fact that it has 2 trays to print 2 t-shirts simultaneously and the 2 bases can be replaced by 1 of a larger size. In this way you can even print patterns in full-print to later sew them.
  • Automatic tissue pretreatment.
    Until now, colored t-shirts required a manual pretreatment, applying a special liquid to the t-shirt and then ironing it, before proceeding to its printing, so that in this way the white base would be properly fixed on the fabric. This printer treats the shirt automatically before printing it, a special liquid that does not require prior ironing. In this way we avoid damaging the cotton with heat and pressure and production time is drastically reduced by saving several previous steps.
  • Better rates.
    Another of the handicaps of this type of printing has been the rates, given the high costs of inks and maintenance. Although the investment in this type of printer is very high, the cost of the ink is much lower, so the rates will be more accessible allowing you to order from 1 t-shirt to large runs, since depending on the design you can get even more cheaper than screen printing and without having to limit the number of colors. Very large 1-color runs will continue to be cheaper in screen printing, but as you add colors in the design it will become cheaper in direct printing.
  • Greater production.
    Mid-range printers like the one we had can be very slow depending on the amount of mass of the design, taking up to 4 to 5 minutes per shirt for an A4 print. If to this is added the time of pretreatment of the garment + ironing, it goes to 6 - 7 minutes. With the new Kornit we not only save manual pretreatment since it does it itself, but it also moves like a Ferrari. We can print between 400 and 800 A4-size shirts per day, depending on the design and garment to be printed.