Jumpsuit Roly Jimmy 8401 Man


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Recommended for small logos or texts. Minimum 10 units.
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  • Composition: 65% polyester / 35% cotton Twill
  • Weight: 200 g / m²
  • Units Pack = 1 | Box Units = 20

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Quantity8x8cm (logo)10 x 3 cm (text)27 x 5 cm (text)8x4cm (logo)

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straight jumpsuit · Central zipper. · One left chest pocket with zipper. · Two side pockets. · A narrow side pocket. · Elastic cuffs with 1×1 rubber.

There are times when it is necessary to get serious, if you have to equip yourself with overalls for work time, it is more than evident that it is one of those moments.

Okay yes, that work dignifies and everything you want, but sometimes work is a nuisance and a headache. From Rafashop we want that at least your work clothes or your uniform is not another problem of your day to day. That's why we bring you the monkey jimmyIs a straight jumpsuit with central zipper y elastic cuffs with rubber 1×1 that will help you with the heaviest tasks and keep the rest of your clothes safe from dust or dirt that is generated. To make it easier for you to store and transport small utensils or tools, it also has several pockets, one in the part of the left chest with zipper, others two side pockets and a narrow side pocket.

The fabric of straight jumpsuit Jimmy is composed of a 65% de polyester and a 35% de cotton twill. With this mixture, a resistant and durable fabric that repels moisture is achieved. Because we already know that when you get to work with the straight jumpsuit Jimmy, things are not going to be a walk in the clouds.

El straight jumpsuit Jimmy It is available in 6 different colors and from the sizes to size 3XL. I'm sure you'll find a monkey jimmy for you or for your workers.

Don't forget that in Rafashop We have a wide range of work clothes at your disposal, so if you need any more garments, do not hesitate to take a look at our catalogue.

Finally, remember that in Rafashop we are specialists in textile customization, we can make your garments unique and customize them with the design that you prefer. It can be a text, a logo, a photo,... So you start thinking about how you want to personalize the monkey jimmy, maybe the logo of your company, or maybe the logo and the name, or maybe with the name of the worker.

As you want.

Just click on the button Design and upload your proposal at the moment. If you are not sure or you prefer that we advise you, contact us and tell us your idea, we will make it come true.


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