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Official Nickelodeon licensed short-sleeved T-shirt, 4-layer round neckline and reinforced neck and shoulder cover seams. Side seams.

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The Success of Dora the Explorer

It is impressive how this series called "Dora the Explorer", created in the United States in 2000, has come so far and has enchanted so many children, always combining entertainment with education and teaching great values.

This series has become so popular that it has been translated into 25 languages ​​and is currently broadcast in 125 countries. His success is so great that he has already completed the 8 seasons with more than 150 episodes

did not you know?

One of the aspects that enrich these cartoons is the participation of the spectators. This is an important value in terms of education, since it captures the attention of these children and allows them to advance in knowledge.

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Who is Dora the Explorer?

Dora, is a 7-year-old girl who has a great friend named Boots, a 5-year-old monkey who goes with her during all her adventures. In each of these episodes Dora loses something, and has to look for it or else help her friend Boots to fulfill some mission that he has to carry out.

Dora always asks viewers for help to achieve her goal or to solve problems that get in the way.

Do you have any idea why it's always like this?

The cartoon series that our audiences love so much has a form similar to that of an interactive video game. Everything unfolds around specific missions and the spectators contribute to winning them.

There is adventure, danger and everything necessary for the children to feel the problem more fully and want to help the intrepid protagonist.

dora and the monkey

Learn with Dora!

Apart from the entertainment and fun that it transmits to us, it is also a space through which knowledge and great values ​​are acquired. Here we show you some of those virtues
dora participate

Take part

Dora asks her viewers to scream or look for something, making the children understand that their position in the world must be dynamic.

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Dora uses a method in which she familiarizes children with hearing basic words in English and encourages their learning of this very important language.

nature dora


The environment and animals stand out a lot in this series, in order to educate the little ones who live in urban environments to become aware of nature.

memory dora


This series also helps to strengthen the ear, the breast and to provide a magnificent atmosphere through music and melody.

The values ​​that Dora the Explorer teaches us

When the fox named Swiper tries to steal the objects from Dora, she asks her little ones to shout "Swiper, don't steal", getting all the public that is interacting to receive great values, in this case, the children are learning that they are not must steal and that things must be obtained with effort.

And it is not only this, Dora the Explorer transmits to the children some other value. Do you know what they are?

Friendship, is one of the values ​​that stands out the most. Dora and her great friend boots clearly reflect camaraderie, mutual support, and affection.

When we speak of companionship, we refer to the attitude of those who support each other and always remain together in order to achieve or achieve something.

Support it can be a help, protection or aid that we give to something or someone. In a friendship, like that of Dora the Explorer and the Boots monkey, it is very likely to get that support that we really need. On the other hand, from a friend you should not expect that support in any decision, if you do not trust your own opinion to know how to tell us that we are wrong or that we are not right.

Affection It is a feeling that can be both positive and negative, since it is sometimes associated with resentment or envy. In general, we understand it as a pleasant emotion, as a positive feeling of a person towards someone or something, which produces joy, harmony or interest.

In the series, the importance of cooperate and group work. The characters that appear are always ready to help everyone else.

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