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T-shirt The Paw Patrol The Believe in Yourself Movie © Nickelodeon


Official Nickelodeon licensed short-sleeved T-shirt, 4-layer round neckline and reinforced neck and shoulder cover seams. Side seams.

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Meet The Paw Patrol

It is incredible how this animated comedy and adventure series where the protagonists are eight puppies has managed to make so many children fall in love ...

Each of these puppies have a very different personality, but did you know what the reason is?

With these drawings, the creator of this didactic series, Keith Chapman, intended to show that being puppies with different ways of thinking and seeing life does not prevent them from complementing each other when facing missions and decisions.

It is about a diversity of personalities that together, manage to help each other and come out with a victory to everything that is imposed on them. They are an example of the importance of teamwork and good citizenship.

What did you have no idea?

paw patrol board
pink patrol

This series has something special unlike other cartoons, which makes all children feel a great connection to "The Paw Patrol".

By this I mean the peculiar way that characters have to "communicate" with viewers thanks to their ability to move their mouths, eyes and ears.

Giving these characters life makes The Paw Patrol have something that envelops all children today and they have a great time watching it, apart from the opportunity it gives them to learn new and educational things.

It's amazing right?

Education in The Paw Patrol and everything its characters teach

The paw patrol has taught us some concepts about positive parenting, didn't you know?

Well yes, and I'm going to teach you both citizenship, leadership and teamwork related to some of the characters in this fantastic series.

marshall patrol


"We love you just as you are"

This puppy is the most disaster of the whole team, even in one chapter, he wanted to go because he felt that he was doing everything wrong and that he was only an obstacle for the team. But then his companions tried to explain to him that they loved him as he was and that he was indispensable in the group because of the special care he has with defenseless animals and his great intention to protect them.

chase patrol


"The most important thing is the team"

Chase is like the leader of the group, as he is a police German shepherd. But not because he has this position does he feel like the protagonist or the macho of the team, this is the least of it. For him, the most important thing is the well-being of all and the agility to save lives.

skye patrol


"Girls can sometimes be braver than boys"

Its emblematic phrase is "To fly has been said." Despite her white and pink outfit, she is the bravest. The most difficult rescues are hers and for her the more complicated the challenge, the better. But the most important thing is that they treat her the same as any other character, no episode shows any rejection of her for being a girl or wearing pink.

rocky patrol


"Before throwing it away, recycle it"

This is his emblematic phrase. It is responsible for making children and parents see that recycling is also a rescue task to save people and animals, today and forever.

rubble patrol


"Put all your effort into what you do"

Being an English bulldog, they have a lot of strength and above all a lot of determination, they are aggressive when they have to be but they are almost always good and friendly. He is willing to give everything but at the end of the day he expects a reward.

zuma patrol


"Have fun, always"

Its famous emblematic phrase is "To the water, ducks". He does not usually get out of the missions that come between him, but when he goes out he likes to enjoy what he is doing, being with friends, playing ... The important thing is to be happy always whatever we do and take the fun out of each task.

ryder patrol


"The leader does not command, he helps"

What stands out about this character is his ability to be constructive. He trusts that puppies are doing their best and understands that they are puppies, so when they screw up, never scold them, just try to help or have someone else in the group help.

When we read it like this, we realize that we, on a day-to-day basis, apply these phrases that the dogs teach us every two by three. The paw patrol teaches us much more than we thought, both children and adults.