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BLACK FRIDAY offers and all year round

We maintain offers throughout the year, our prices are not camouflaged like the prints of our special products on sale.

From the dark of Black Friday it starts all the light of the winter festivities, by coinciding in some way, at the moment in which the shops, the towns and the souls sensitized with the heart of Christmas, begin to light up and prevent the happy commotion that, as you know, they are going to have to assume.

Offers all year round, not just on Black Friday

Between grocery shopping and gifts, wallets begin to shake. For the more forward-looking, this weekend comes loaded with employment offers , with which to cover the needs of acquiring the gifts that you are going to need for your loved ones.

Our prices shine with their own light and there is no “Black"To turn them off. They are low all year round. Go into our web and discover our exclusive prices, with sensational offers throughout the year.

At this time the most camouflaged products in our catalog are visible, and stand out above all, for their exclusive prices.

Garments with prints on camouflage, available in shades of gray and shades of green, always in fashion, with guaranteed quality Roly. Products made with fabrics and sizes ideal for the whole year. All of them customizable with your designs and, as you know, at the best prices.

Malone 1031 Men's and Malone 1032 Women's Sweatshirts

Modern cut sweatshirts for men and women. Malone 1031 for him and Malone Woman 1032 for her.

Malone 1031 Men's Camouflage Print Sweatshirt

Sweatshirt Malone 1031 Roly for men in camouflage print, rounded box neck, with ribbed trim in a different color. 1 × 1 rib knit with elastane waist and cuffs.

Malone Woman 1032 Roly Camouflage Print Sweatshirt

The female version of the previous one, the sweatshirt Malone Woman 1032 Roly, also in camouflage print. Round box fitted with shape, with elastane on neck and cuffs, in 1 × 1 rib knit.

Molano 1034 Roly Men's Long Sleeve Camouflage Print T-Shirt

Lighter the t-shirt Molano 1034 Roly long sleeve, in camouflage prints. Long-sleeved T-shirt with a round crew neck, with side seams, without cuffs, but reinforced with 4-layer copper seams on the inside of the neck and shoulders.

With Rafashop, offers Black Friday for the whole year with our prices, to cover all your needs now and always.

Marlo T-shirt 1033 - Molano T-shirt 1034 Malone 1032 and 1031 Sweatshirts Luciane 1195 and 1196 Jackets Angelo 5088 Roly Raincoat Backpack Hiker 7113 Roly


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