Roly Alfa 9309 High Visibility Trousers


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Recommended for designs between 1 to 5 colors. Minimum 20 units. More info
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  • Composition: 80% polyester / 20% cotton
  • Weight: 235 g / m²
  • Units Pack = 1 | Box Units = 25
  • CE certification according to the standards: EN ISO 13688: 2013 AND EN ISO 20471: 2013 / A1: 2016
  • Class II
  • High visibility

* The above measurements may have a tolerance of ± 2cm

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Quantity1 Colors2 Colors3 Colors4 Colors5 colours
1 color vinyl
QuantityGarment Color (€)
QuantityGarment Color (€)
Quantity8x8cm (logo)10 x 3 cm (text)27 x 5 cm (text)8x4cm (logo)

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Long fluorescent yellow high visibility trousers. 1.- Adjustable elastic waistband at the back. 2.- Two front pockets. 3.- Back functional pocket with flap and velcro closure. 4.- Two side pockets with gussets and a velcro closure flap. 5.- Two horizontal reflective tapes. With ALFA by Roly you will be able to carry out your work with the greatest possible safety. With elastic waistband at the back, exterior pockets with and without velcro, and two horizontal reflective tapes.

Roly Alfa High Visibility Trousers

Consider this humble text that you are about to read as an ode to the worker who moves in risky environments.

Thank you.

At Rafasshop we are very clear that, without your work, the world in which we live would not be possible. The rest of us mortals would not have paved roads, food would not reach our plates and we could not live in skyscrapers enjoying wonderful views.

That is why we like to do everything we can to make you feel safe.

And for that, we offer you High-quality, high-visibility trousers like the Alfa from Roly you can see that this image.

To begin with, the Roly high visibility trousers have CE Certification according to the standards: EN ISO 13688: 2013 and UNE-EN ISO 20471: 2013.

That, of course.

It also has two horizontal reflective bands, which will ensure that you do not go unnoticed while you carry out your work, whether in a warehouse, on a road or in port.

High visibility pants are very functional pants. It also comes with two front pockets, a back pocket with a flap and velcro closure and two side pockets with a gusset and a flap with a velcro closure.

That is, it will not be due to pockets.

And finally, comfort.

Made of 80% polyester and 20% cotton, the Alfa has an adjustable elastic waistband at the back that makes it adapt perfectly to your body.

We have it in sizes from 30 to 60 and we offer you 3% when you buy 25 or more pants of the same size.

Do you think this is the pants of high visibility what are you looking for?

Do you add it to the shopping cart?

Great, and remember that the Rafasshop team is here for anything you need.

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