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Quality, comfortable and very fresh low cost polo shirts

Quality Roly polo shirts have it all!

Enjoy the unique feeling of a good polo and you will not think of anything else for this summer. Get the ones you like the most at very low prices, only at Rafasshop.

No, it is not ice cream, although it is almost as refreshing. The thing is about a garment. The pole. Since you can find this product the widest range in models, colors and sizes, all at the best prices, in one place. On your website of textile products for customization trustworthy, Rafashop.

Polos there are many but not like the ones you will find here, of the brand Roly, with the quality to which this house has always accustomed us.

To such an extent you will be captivated by this article that you will not wear anything else for the remainder of summer. We hope you keep changing, and that it is not the same polo for every day, please no. For the sake of those around you.

Therefore, we wanted to do this post, for lovers of this garment who want to vary in their colors, weights and sizes, with a demonstration in description and images of some of the models that can be found in Rafashop, when entering our section of poles.

The Star 6634 and 6638, a Roly novelty for 2017, with which they wanted to offer a short-sleeved, fine-weight polo shirt, 190g / m² in 100% cotton, for the whole family. Available in shapes that perfectly mold to their bodies, them and the little ones. With a modern size and special construction, with a trim on the sleeves, a ribbed neck, a placket with three buttons in the same color as the fabric and side seams that, together with its softness and lightness, make this polo the star of the moment. A garment to shine with its own light.

Polo Star 6634 and 6638: for women, men and childrenRoly Women's Star 6634 Polo Roly Women's Star 6634 Polo Neck Roly Women's Star 6634 Polo Shirt BottomsRoly Men's Star 6638 PoloRoly Men's Star 6638 Polo NeckRoly men's Star 6638 polo bottomsBoy's Star 6638 polo shirt

On the other hand, polo Southern 6632 it is not far behind. With similar characteristics to the previous model, this polo shirt is designed for users of all kinds and, due to its versatility, is ideal for the world of sports.

Austral polo model 6632 Roly Man Short SleevePolo Austral 6632 Roly Men's Short Sleeve Three-button collar

Make way for the pole Empire 6641. Also, new this year. A high quality and very comfortable polo shirt. Due to its high density in weight of 220g / m² in pure cotton. Inner reinforcements, double seams on the garment's trims, a pattern with a longer fall on the back ... In short, a polo shirt with all the features to guarantee its most outstanding qualities of durability and comfort.

Picture of the polo model Imperium 6641 Roly Man Short SleevePolo collar Imperium 6641 Roly Man Short SleevePolo hem Imperium 6641 Roly Man Short Sleeve

With all these examples, what more could you ask for? Dress to your liking and wear the garment with which you feel most comfortable in a variety of styles, models and colors.
If you don't have enough and want one more, here is another model for the restless. Another of Roly's novelties for this 2017. Polo Silverstone 6639. A polo shirt specially conceived for athletes, due to its material and manufacture in micro-perforated technical fabric. Although it does not stop being very elegant, so you can wear it for any occasion. It is extremely comfortable and lightweight.

Polo model Silverstone 6639 Roly Man Short SleeveSilverstone 6639 Roly Men's Polo Neck Short Sleeve

Roly polo shirts, special to notice the difference. Get them plain or personalized with your own identity, at unique prices, only in Rafashop.

Do you want to know how these garments look with designs prints? Here are some examples of our work with custom polos.

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