Roly Megos 8310 Unisex Sneakers


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  • Composition: 100% polyester
  • Weight:
  • Units Pack = 1 | Box Units = 10

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Shoes specially designed for trekking. Round laces, breathable mesh and matching synthetic leather details. Contrasts in black. Padded insole and grippy outsole.

Our opinion

Roly Megos 8310 Unisex Sneakers

You already know that at Rafasshop we love sports of all kinds and if we are clear about something, it is that to enjoy it you need to be properly equipped. For example, sports activities in the mountains. They can be a joy if you're wearing the right clothes and shoes, or they can be hell if what you're wearing isn't right. It depends on you.
What do you say? What footwear for trekking is very expensive? Go now! take a look at the Megos unisex sneakers

They are the shoes you need to do those outdoor routes that you like so much. Pure air, nature, freedom,… The Megos unisex sneakers they are specially designed for trekking, you just have to see the colors it has, they are perfect to camouflage yourself in nature and be part of it.

When the weekend arrives, you get up early, make yourself a coffee, put on your Megos unisex sneakers and you go for a walk while you listen to the song of the birds and the wind swaying the treetops. Can you imagine something more relaxing? Leave behind all the tensions and worries accumulated throughout the week and just enjoy the moment. That is happiness and that is what life consists of, being happy. Life is that simple, we are the ones who complicate it for ourselves. 

Well, live life and let go of complications. you just need your Megos unisex sneakers to step strong and move forward. Accounts with cushioned insole to make your task easier and grippy outsole to prevent tripping or slipping. Regarding the design, have you seen how beautiful they are? with those round shoelaces, that details en synthetic skin and the parts to black contrast, could not be more in trend. But it is not only beautiful, it is also very practical thanks to the breathable mesh that allows moisture to be expelled from the inside of the shoe to the outside.

So that everyone can enjoy this experience, Megos unisex shoes are available from size 36 to size 47

Add them to the cart and in a few days you can be… on top of the mountain of your life!


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