What is Guerrilla Marketing and how to maximize it with your Roly t-shirts

We are all digital advertising through and through.

We are not exaggerating.

El report VII Observatory of Social Networks prepared by The Cocktail Analysis stated already in 2015 that "the intensity with which the networks were used in the beginning has been controlled".

That comes, to mean, that we are passing the madness of the initial infatuation that we all felt for social networks.

And, that does not happen only to us Spaniards.

The number of Facebook users fell 8% in nine countries (Germany, Australia, Brazil, Spain, the United States, India, the United Kingdom and South Africa), according to an analysis that SimilarWeb did on Android devices.

Are digital marketing and social media saturating us?

It seems.

Too much information! And always in the same format!

Something that cannot be denied, and that we see every day at Rafasshop, is that it is increasingly difficult for a business owner to distinguish himself from his competitors in the digital universe without leaving a fortune.

For this reason, many of the customers who pass through Rafasshop or return to more traditional formats, such as advertising t-shirtsOr, they do their best to think creatively and stand out with original advertising that makes an impact and does not cost them an arm and a leg.

And so we come to Guerrilla Marketing.

Keep reading because our suggestions could generate a considerable source of income, whether you are dedicated to the wholesale t-shirts sale as if not.

What is guerilla marketing?

Surprising, unexpected and irreverent, Guerrilla Marketing evokes the unconventional combat methods used in guerrilla fighting.

Developed by Jay Conrad Levinson as early as 1983, this type of advertising captures the consumer's attention in a calculated and intentional way on the street, surroundings, buildings, public real estate, etc. to make a lasting impression.

Take a look at these examples:


Image: http://inagorillacostume.com/2011/barbecue-guerrilla-marketing-campaign/


Image: https://www.designer-daily.com/cool-and-creative-guerilla-marketing-campaigns-13471

As you can see, guerrilla marketing is an ideal advertising strategy for the owner of a small or medium business because it does not require exorbitant budgets.

In fact, that is one of the bases of guerrilla marketing: the use of unconventional techniques with minimal investment to achieve maximum media coverage.

That is, the key is to cause surprise and virality.

Can you do guerilla marketing on clothing?

Of course it can!

All you need is imagination!

Remember, we are looking for the surprise factor, something that can take many, many forms.

Take a look at the following examples:









You've seen?

Can you imagine the comments that your shirts would provoke with unexpected engravings like these?

The one with looks?

The one with photographs?

You would surely get a much higher return on your investment than any other type of digital advertising.

And if you're lucky, your guerilla marketing tactic could even end up going viral in the digital world.

And what investment did you need to create something like that?

Very little.

And also, surely, you have had a great time brainstorming your design!

How to maximize guerrilla marketing with your Roly t-shirts

Okay, we have a totally different marketing strategy than online advertising that we are getting more and more used to.

The question is, what do you do with it?

From Rafasshop, and how t-shirt wholesalers dedicated to the textile world since 1996, you have two options:

  • Create a line funny and amazing t-shirts like the ones we propose in this post, applying the principles of guerrilla marketing ...
  • Use this strategy to promote your wholesale t-shirt business.

What do you think?

In any case, the investment will be minimal, and the impact, maximum.

Do you dare?


Where do you start?

Brainstorming session. Fundamental!

Everything goes here!

The more you throw in ideas, the better, even if they seem very far-fetched!

And when decisions have been made, you stop by Rafasshop.


We are the Official Roly distributor in Spain.

And that?

That for any topic related to t-shirts, or caps, or bags or sportswear, it is not worth wasting your time looking for other suppliers, because the Roly house is the leader in Spain.

Does that mean that we are going to charge you more for our wholesale t-shirts and its customization?

No way.

The Roly house is committed to fair trade for its employees and its customers. And we translate those savings into ours.

Not only that.

We help you in every step of your purchase and customization of your advertising t-shirts.

From selecting the model that best suits your needs and the needs of your market, to the details of your design, and the printing technique that produces the best results.

For that we are!

Because we know that the decisions you make at Rafasshop can make a very important difference in the return on your investment.

That is why we take the entire process very seriously.

Therefore, we take you very seriously.

So, do you dare to put a little guerilla in your marketing?

Test it!


We are sure that your clients and followers will reward you only for your effort and creativity.

Because, as we mentioned when opening the article, we are all saturated with always seeing the same thing in the same format.

Surprise them and make them draw a smile!

The Roly and Rafasshop house will accompany you in whatever you need.

Where do you start your guerilla attack?

What do you think if you take a look at our catalog of t-shirts?

You'll find it here!.

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