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promotional gifts for summer

Are you looking for summer advertising gifts for your company? We bring you the best promotional product ideas to give away during the summer, products that are really going to be used and are going to become a great showcase for your brand.


Sunglasses are always a useful gift in summer, because although everyone has one, it is always good to have an extra pair for the car, to go to the beach or to have another alternative to combine on a day-to-day basis. They can be personalized by adding your company logo on one of the pins, so your brand will be present every time they are used.

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Beach and pool towels

In summer it is always good to have a towel at hand to go to the pool or the beach and they work very well as advertising gifts for their utility. It usually benefits the brand a lot, not only to generate a memory in the person who uses it, but also because works as a showcase every time someone sees it spread out on the beach.

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cooler backpack

The summer heat makes the portable coolers in the form of a bag or backpack are ideal to use. Whether to go to work, to spend the day at the beach or to have a picnic in the mountains, a cooler is always useful for transporting cold drinks, some fruit and food. That is why it is one of the top corporate gifts for the summer, in which you can add your logo or a design of your promotional campaign and be seen wherever you go.

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It is a classic that never fails, fans are a gift economical, practical and that maintains the presence of your brand. In addition, they tend to have a lot of rotation since it is an article that people leave among us or even give them to each other, so if it has your logo, it will reach quite a few people.

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Caps and hats

Another of the top summer gifts are caps and hats. The caps usually have more variety of colors and models to choose in which you can capture the design of your brand or your summer campaign. Fabric hats are also practical and easy to personalise, while farmer style or straw hats require a ribbon to add personalisation, although they attract much more attention.

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Water bottles

The water bottles, jerrycans and thermos bottles They are the star gifts for summer. In this heat, everyone usually carries a bottle with fresh water or some other cold drink, so this type of product is widely used and has a lot of scope for your brand to be seen.

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Personalized summer gifts.

In Rafasshop we have all these advertising gifts for summer and many more, ready to customize with the design of your campaign or the logo of your brand. Ask us and we will help you choose the ones that best suit you!

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