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Personalized mug with the photo or design you want

If you are thinking of giving that special person an original and unique gift with the personalized mug you will have what you are looking for.

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You can purchase it on our website by entering Rafasshop.es completely lisa or the design that you want, since you can get your personalized mug easily and quickly using our online designer.

El area that can be stamped covers the cup almost completely with the exception of the upper and lower margins and around the handle, leaving a rectangular space 20 cm along the cup by 8 cm high. The image, to have good results, it is recommended that it be of quality with a minimum of 150 dpi.

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The cup is ceramics with a handle and a coating enamel quality blank resistant to the washing in dishwasher and its use in the microwave.

La clef is the base and the materials with which we carry out this work from quality products to obtain trusted results, at a low price and in a short waiting time to receive your mug 100% personalized with the design or photo that you like the most that appears on the back.

1000px mugThe cup is ideal To drink what you like the most, such as coffee, milk or, now with the cold, hot chocolate and you can take it wherever you want either at work or at home. It is also used to decorate, so its uses are very diverse so in addition to making a gift, with this product you are offering an article Useful in many aspects.

As it is totally Customizable You can embed the design you want with messages, with your brand or a photograph as a product promotional or gift particular and personal.

El process used to perform the customization of this product is that of sublimation with the inks, machinery and qualified technical equipment that is in charge of ensuring to obtain the optimal finishes expected by our customers.

From the moment we see the design on the computer until we see it captured on the mug, it goes through a series of processes,. Initially, the design is printed on a special paper to sublimate with the appropriate inks for this work and in the form of mirror, so that when it is placed in the mug the design comes out correctly. After pin up the paper to the product is given way to ironing so that the ink adheres to the material of the mug. Once the necessary application time of heat We remove the paper to leave it to the drying and cooling space. After a while the item can be handled normally and we send it to the customer perfectly packed.

cup creation process

On the web we also show the process step by step. An artisanal development of Excellent results, with which a unique and very original product is obtained. Take the opportunity to get your personalized mug and place your order now online and.

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