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  • Composition: 100% ceramic
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Sublimation Mugs
QuantityWhite Garment (€)

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White ceramic mug - Special to sublimate

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Mug to personalize with photo. White and Ceramic

This mug is special for printing by sublimation. You can buy them loose if you have the means to stamp them yourself, or you can use our online designer to upload your design and we will take care of stamping them.

The mugs can be stamped almost entirely, leaving little margins on the top and bottom and around the handle.

When making the design, keep in mind that the available surface is a rectangle, since we will use a 20 x 8cm sublimation paper that will wrap the mug, but it does not have to be printed in its entirety, you can put a simple drawing or design on the front of the mug or on the back.

Cup faces:

- Front: taking the cup with your right hand, it would be what the person in front of you sees.

- Rear: taking the cup with your right hand, it would be what you are seeing.

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