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Top 5 costume ideas for Halloween 2022 from popular culture

If you're looking for ideas to dress up this year 2022 on Halloween, you can not miss this compilation. Let's take a look at some of the most iconic series, movies and video games that they have represented this year so that you can wear an original and current costume, choose yours!

Original Halloween costumes for 2022

1. Stranger Things

The fourth season of Stranger Things has embroidered it this year, being one of the most popular Netflix series without a doubt. One of the most beloved characters is Eddie Munson, with his iconic Hellfire Club t-shirt and long hair, makes for an easy and 100% recognizable costume. 

You can also dress up Eleven (Eleven) combining elements that represent her, with a shaved wig and a robe, with an eighties t-shirt, an Eggo waffle and a touch of blood on her nose to simulate that she has used her powers. And we can't forget about Max in his blue jacket and his music headphones in the iconic scene that rises in the air.

If you are looking for something more terrifying you can opt for a costume of Demogorgon or Vecna, you will have to be resourceful!


There has been several Marvel releases in the last 2 years They are great for costume ideas. Let's take a look at some of the most popular characters that are easy to portray:


Spider-Man No Way Home

If you are 3 people you cannot miss the opportunity to dress up as the 3 classic Spider-Man that have been in the movie.



The Loki series brings us many variations of the character that can be fun to dress up, from classic Loki to Sylvie to Old Loki, Kid Loki, President Loki and even Crocodile Loki.


Thor Love and Thunder

In this movie we have Chris Hemsworth as Thor and also Natalie Portman as Thor, a perfect duo for couples.



Wanda's character appears in WandaVision as well as in Dr. Strange & The Multiverse of Madness, with different outfits, which makes it a very good option for a costume. 

she hulk 2


In this series we meet characters like She-Hulk, a very fun option to dress up in her lawyer version or with her heroine outfit.

3. Return of the Witches 2 (Hocus Pocus)

After the premiere of the famous sequel hocus pocus 2, can not be missing from the list of Halloween costumes. The Sanderson sisters, Sarah, Winfred and Mary They're a perfect trio to recreate this year, especially if you're a group of 3. You'll need a purple, green, or maroon dress or cape, as well as a good wig.

4. Minions

The Minions They continue to release movies and they are a sure hit. you only need one yellow t-shirt and overalls or denim dress, or jeans with suspenders. for the eyes of the minions you can make some glasses or wear them in a beanie style.


5. Mario Bros.

With the announcement of mario bros movie, the classic video game that never goes out of style, you have the opportunity to bring back its characters for your costume. Mario, Luigi, Peach, Daisy, Bowser, Wario, Waluigi, Bones, Toad or Yoshi are some of the best and most well-known options. Plus, they're costumes. easy to make since each character has a representative color or element.

Haven't you been convinced by the previous ideas? we leave you some very popular series this year that can inspire you for Halloween 2022 costumes: The Boys, Only Murders in the Building, Sandman, Euphoria, The Bridgertons, House of the Dragon y The rings of power.

What are you waiting for to design your costume? Enjoy the night of Halloween 2022 wearing a very recognizable look. Do you need t-shirts for your look? In Rafasshop you will find all our plain t-shirts and ready to customize.

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