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Tote Bags: why are they a trend?

For summer, for winter and for any season of the year, the tote bags they have come to stay. For some years now, this type of tote bag has become fashionable, not only as an "auxiliary bag", but as a main bag for day to day. It is a mixture of comfort, unique and personalized style and practicality that has taken the trend of tote bags to the top.

Ideal for different situations

the tote bags perfectly adapt to different situationsThey are very versatile, so having a tote bag will make your day-to-day life easier. They can be used as a daily bag to carry your wallet and your belongings by hand, to take your things to work, to go to the beach or pool, to go to the gym, etc.

More ecological option

One of the reasons tote bags became fashionable was to replace plastic bags in supermarkets and shops. Tote bags are completely reusable, they act as one more accessory in your wardrobe, so they are also perfect for carrying shopping when you need it and avoiding contributing to the contamination with classic plastic bags.

Personalize them with your style

The best thing about tote bags is that they are very easy to combine with your outfit In day to day. More and more people are choosing to carry a tote bag with them, some from luxury brands and others with a more organic look with recycled fabrics, there is something for everyone!

As if that were not enough, you can get your personalized tote bag with a design of your own or you can choose the product and create your own design in the online designer with text, images and more.

Affordable price

Although there are tote bags from luxury brands, this concept is so fashionable that almost any store has these types of bags for sale. The most popular are fabric or non-woven tote bags, so its price is cheap.

Comfort and variety

As we have already seen, cloth tote bags are the most common, so They do not weigh and are very comfortable to carry on the shoulder. However, non woven tote bags are ideal to produce in large quantities and use as gifts at events, in stores for a purchase, etc. 

They usually have rectangle shape and two handles, with vertical models and horizontal models so that you can choose the one that seems most comfortable for you. There's also variety of colors, although it is quite fashionable to wear cotton ones with their characteristic cream-colored tone.

We leave you with some product ideas so you can design your personalized tote bag at Rafasshop!

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